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Current petitions

TitleRespondentsDeadline to sign by
Install more electric vehicle charging points in Ham & Petersham 4614/01/2022View or sign

Completed petitions

TitleRespondentsDeadline to sign by
Petition Against the Sale of Kneller Hall in Whitton20719/04/2016View
Free Child Care Provision6108/04/2016View
Make the Hospital Bridge Road junction with Powder Mill Lane and Percy Road junction safer111/04/2016View
Making Basement Excavations Safer with Compulsory Controls6924/02/2016View
No to Turing House School in Whitton40420/10/2015View
"Deer Park School"3324/06/2015View
Shacklegate Lane Allotment Closure14218/05/2015View
Yellow lines on road junctions around St Mark's Road, Teddington2209/09/2014View
Step Free Access at St Margarets Station7320/03/2014View
Turing House School opening 201439315/04/2014View
Save Whitton Library111/01/2014View
Shalstone Road, Kingsway and Rutland Close Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ)11225/12/2013View
Retention of bus stops9420/10/2012View
Dog Fouling in Barnes23431/05/2012View
Fulwell Park Public Open Space15624/01/2012View
The Avenue Centre Redevelopment28815/01/2012View
Catholic School for Richmond225108/12/2011View
Inclusive schools215725/11/2011View
Save Heatham House49704/10/2011View
Parking at local shops017/02/2011View
Road sweeping017/02/2011View
Closure of Tangley Hall Intensive Day Centre1423/11/2010View
Recent spread of Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMOs) in Hampton North1510/11/2016View
Funding for local state schools2515/08/2017View
Safer roads for parents, pupils and staff of Chase Bridge Primary School2806/09/2017View
Resident Parking - Marlow Crescent Twickenham009/09/2017View
Extend East Sheen controlled parking zone to include 'The Royals'029/09/2017View
Improve Road Safety on Stanley Road, Teddington5013/12/2017View
20mph speed limits on all roads in Ham and Petersham9802/02/2018View
No to Turing House School in Heathfield151322/02/2018View
Anti-abortion vigil outside the British Pregnancy Advisory Service Clinic on Rosslyn Road, East Twickenham34218/03/2018View
Safe crossing of Broad Lane/Wensleydale Road/Nightingale Road - Hampton1917/08/2018View
Introduction of Controlled Parking Zone in Bicester Road1315/09/2018View
Create a safe “School Street” outside St. Stephen’s CofE Primary School on Winchester Road 7803/10/2018View
New buses for the bus route 33703/10/2018View
281 bus route116/10/2018View
Secure and designated motorcycle and scooter parking in Barnes320/10/2018View
Road Safety Action - Burton’s Road and Surrounding Roads13231/01/2019View
Controlled Parking Zone for Railway Road (Teddington)108/02/2019View
On Street Cycle Hangers1928/02/2019View
Electric car charging 020/03/2019View
Traffic Rationalisation in Burlington & Beechwood Avenues, Kew1820/03/2019View
Change Peldon Court Road, Richmond, from Zone G to Zone J308/04/2019View
Tackling Local Crime: Petition for additional Police resources 159815/04/2019View
KB Controlled Parking Zone622/04/2019View
Make Langdon Place a Controlled Parking Zone1901/05/2019View
Controlled Parking Zone & Parking at The Russell School 112/05/2019View
Speed Restrictions on Hartington Road5712/05/2019View
Bonfires to be allowed on allotments in Richmond37919/05/2019View
CPZ application for Staines Road906/06/2019View
CPZ for Woodbine Close106/06/2019View
Richmond Council and the Climate Crisis 10718/09/2019View
Stop rat-running from Upper Richmond Road6318/09/2019View
Lonsdale Road Parking Restrictions918/09/2019View
Controlled Parking Around Pyrland Road and Park Hill2517/10/2019View
Install speed bumps for Kings Road1917/10/2019View
Traffic lights at the A316 and Sandycombe Road roundabout417/10/2019View
East Sheen Residents who oppose the new Low Traffic Scheme in Palmerston/Observatory/Coval/Temple Sheen Rd’s135516/09/2019View
Controlled Parking around Carrington Road and dedicated drop off point for Holy Trinity School230/10/2019View
Halt the rollout of 5G infrastructure and technology in LBRuT until it is proven to be safe technology. 7907/11/2019View
Fulwood Gardens - changes to CPZ2107/11/2019View
Tackling East Sheen Traffic: A petition for the Council to defer the current proposals and to work collaboratively with the East Sheen neighbourhood to develop more widely acceptable solutions.158303/12/2019View
Grosvenor Avenue Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ)3217/12/2019View
Stop exhorbitant new DIY Waste disposal charges at Townmead Centre27701/02/2020View
For a temporary bridge for motorised vehicles while Hammersmith Bridge is repaired.15804/05/2020View
Installing a CPZ for Rydal Gardens, Whitton (TW3)1107/05/2020View
To request new parking restrictions within 400 metres of Hammersmith Bridge22325/06/2020View
Reopen Recyling Centres001/08/2020View
Build a Skatepark 1005/09/2020View
Prevent through traffic in Parkleys and Barnfield Avenue to make the two streets calmer and safer for residents.8504/09/2020View
Measures for the prevention of Trespassing004/09/2020View
Grosvenor Avenue Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ)824/09/2020View
Riverside tow path - speeding cyclists6401/10/2020View
Grosvenor Avenue, Grosvenor Gardens and Sutherland Gardens Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ)7925/09/2020View
Free up the existing cycle lanes on Staines Road by changing parking restrictions.2614/10/2020View
Worple Street: Business Parking Bays Conversion 806/11/2020View
Prevent through-traffic on Nightingale Lane3105/11/2020View
Introduction of a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) for alcohol and noise1926/11/2020View
Provision of Public Toilets in Richmond & Twickenham and enforcement of Anti-Social behaviour PSPO’s45125/11/2020View
New Concrete Skatepark1724/11/2020View
Return the borough to 30mph 85118/12/2020View
Warmer street lights for Parkleys listed estate5907/01/2021View
Lights on the Thames Path between Teddington and Richmond314/01/2021View
20 mph is fast enough7814/01/2021View
Zebra crossing on the Hampton Court Road opposite the entrance to Taggs Island4309/02/2021View
Ineffective Speed Bumps Fulwell Road4716/02/2021View
Controlled parking zone extension to TW2611/04/2021View
Exemptions for local St Margarets residents for Hill View Road AM Traffic restriction - improved access to local traffic streets10521/04/2021View
Sandycombe Road, KEW. Review of speed and volume of traffic and resulting mitigation.5115/04/2021View
Better Lighting in Ham1416/05/2021View
Re-open Essential Community Businesses Such as Sun Inn Flowers7911/05/2021View
Lack of parking in Bucklands Road008/06/2021View
Crossing Broad Lane/Wensleydale RD/ Nightingale Rd28108/06/2021View
The school coaches that block Hanworth road 4827/07/2021View
Enforced Speed Restrictions1828/07/2021View