Stop exhorbitant new DIY Waste disposal charges at Townmead Centre

We, the undersigned, petition the Council to protect our environment and NOT impose new DIY Waste disposal charges at Townmead Road Centre.


Richmond Council's proposed charges for disposal of DIY waste at the Townmead Centre from December 2nd 2019 are exorbitant and will create increased fly tipping across the borough. The charges will penalize house-proud residents simply trying to maintain and improve their own homes and will encourage cowboy builders to dump where they please to the cost of local residents. – as has been seen in other local authorities.

Richmond's proposed charges are excessive - notably the minmum charge of £41. If I have a broken toilet pan which I wish to take to the local tip why does Ricmond need to charge £41 when dozens of other local authorites can provide the same "service" for £1.50 ? It's a rip off and will lead to fly tipping all over the borough which residents will then pick up the tab for because the council will have to collect the rubbish.

Started by: Cathy Howe

This petition ran from 01/11/2019 to 01/02/2020.


268 people have signed this petition.

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Alan Fuller
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