Planning application number: 18/3561/FUL

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Land At Hospital Bridge Road Twickenham TW2 6LH (View Site Plan)



Granted Permission 23/04/2020

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Level: Committee Decision



Change of use of part of the open grassland and adjacent horticultural nursery for the development of a 5FE Secondary School and Sixth Form (Class D1) for 1,050 pupils (750 secondary school places and 300 sixth form places). Development is to include the formation of a new north boundary line associated to the horticultural nursery, and the erection of a main teaching block and adjoining sports block, up to three storeys in height, and associated plant and mechanical equipment, 3 court MUGA, playing pitches, on site car park, cycle parking spaces, hard and soft landscaping; amendments to existing access road to provide dual access to Nursery and Turing House School; and associated public highway works. Additional provision of an area of land to be dedicated as Public Open Space as an extension to Heathfield Recreation Ground; and the school will be subject to a Community Use Agreement.


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Mr Bob Robinson DPP Planning 66 Porchester Road London W2 6ET


James Garside (Expired)

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A decision has been issued by the authority.

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  • Application Received: 31/10/2018
  • Validated: 07/12/2018
  • Neighbour notification started: 01/07/2019
  • Neighbour notification ended: 16/05/2019
  • Decision Issued: 23/04/2020

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Public comments

DescriptionReferenceDate Published
Existing Street Elevations FS0316-STL-ZZ-XX-DR-A-0201-P0231 Oct 2018
Illustrative Proposed Exterior Views FS0316-STL-ZZ-XX-DR-A-0601-P0231 Oct 2018
Proposed First Floor Plan FS0316-STL-ZZ-01-DR-A-0102 P0231 Oct 2018
Proposed Second Floor Plan FS0316-STL-ZZ-02-DR-A-0103 P0231 Oct 2018
existing and proposed access arrangement to site 012A19 Nov 2018
proposed access arrangement to site 01319 Nov 2018
proposed detail elevations FS0316-STL-ZZ-XX-DR-A-0205 P0319 Nov 2018
proposed GA elevations FS0316-STL-ZZ-XX-DR-A-0204 P0819 Nov 2018
proposed GA elevations FS0316-STL-ZZ-XX-DR-A-XX 0203 P0919 Nov 2018
proposed GA sections FS0316-STL-ZZ-XX-DR-A-ZZZZ- 0301 P0319 Nov 2018
proposed street elevation FS0316-STL-ZZ-XX-DR-A-0202 P0319 Nov 2018
Proposed site access design - option 2 01411 Dec 2018
Proposed site access design - option 3 01511 Dec 2018
4 Storey Massing Comparison FS0316-STL-ZZ-ZZ-DR-A-S201-4 STOREY MASSING COMPARISON-P0129 Apr 2019
Cleaning & Maintenance Strategy – Ground Floor Plan FS0316-STL-ZZ-00-DR-A-8401 P0329 Apr 2019
Cleaning & Maintenance Strategy – Roof Plan FS0316-STL-ZZ-RF-DR-A-8403 P0329 Apr 2019
Ground Floor Circulation & Security Strategy FS0316-STL-ZZ-00-DR-A-870429 Apr 2019
Ground Floor Security & Access Control Philosophy FS0316-CPW-00-GF-DR-E-0500 P0229 Apr 2019
Rooftop MUGA Analysis FS0316-STL-ZZ-ZZ-DR-A-S202-ROOFTOP MUGA ANALYSIS-P0129 Apr 2019
Surface Water Drainage Layout - Sheet 1 of 2 FS0316-CUR-ZZ-00-DR-C-9202-P0829 Apr 2019
Surface Water Drainage Layout - Sheet 1 of 2 FS0316-CUR-ZZ-00-DR-C-9203-P0829 Apr 2019