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Number of properties : 3.

  • St Marys College Waldegrave Road Twickenham

  • Application NumberStatusProposal
    91/2032/DD4granted permission 24/03/1993Erection of 1 No. 3/4 storey building and 1 No. 3 storey building comprising 106 No. student study/...View
    91/2032/DD3granted permission 22/02/1993Erection of 1 No. 3/4 storey building and 1 No. 3 storey building comprising 106 No. student study/...View
    91/2032/DD2granted permission 28/07/1992Details pursuant to condition DV17 (bin enclosure) of planning consent 91/2032/FUL dated 24 Februar...View
    91/2032/DD1granted permission 08/07/1992Details pursuant to condition NS01 (non standard), BD10 (sample panels) and partially pursuant to c...View
    88/1827/LBgranted permission 04/10/1988Conversion of store room to central reception area and formation of new entrance and colonnade. (P...View
    86/1992granted permission 11/02/1987Erection of a new infill building between existing science blocks to be used as additional science ...View
    86/1993/LBgranted permission 11/02/1987Erection of a new infill building between existing science blocks to be used as additional science ...View
    86/0149granted permission 21/07/1986Construction of infill building between existing science blocks. New animal house, general alterat...View
    86/0544granted permission 22/07/1986Extension to Sports Hall.View
    84/0953granted permission 25/09/1984To remove existing copper roof covering and boarding underlay, carry out repairs to structural timb...View
    83/0284/DD01granted permission 07/08/1984Partial demolition of two external walls and the colonade of the Holbein Wing; reinstatement of ele...View
    83/0733granted permission 25/10/1983Fire precaution works and up-grading of services including the provision of protected routes for es...View
    83/0284granted permission 01/11/1983Partial demolition of two external walls and the colonade of the Holbein Wing. Reinstatement of el...View
    81/1453/ADVgranted permission 08/04/1982For Advertisements.View
    81/1046granted permission 24/09/1981Alterations to part of building involving the construction of new utility rooms at first and second...View
    77/1182granted permission 16/02/1978Demolition of existing garage and cycle shed shown in red on Drawing No. 7675/09/B.View
    83/1085/DD01granted permission 04/04/1984Erection of a single storey library extension. (Details of materials). Condition No. 4 of plannin...View
  • St Marys College 268 Waldegrave Road Twickenham TW1 4SX

  • Application NumberStatusProposal
    19/T0511/TPOgranted permission 22/08/2019T1-T4 - Poplar - Crown reduce by 3-5m to previous reduction points (final height 15-16m; final spre...View
    19/T0337/TPOgranted permission 24/04/20195 DAY DANGEROUS TREE NOTIFICATION T242 - Horse Chestnut - Crown reduce height/radius by 4m (by 40%)View
    19/T0203/TPOgranted permission 22/05/2019T480 - Quecus Robur - Crown reduce height/laterals by up to 2.5m (by 20%) T25 - Populus Spp - Fell ...View
    19/T0122/TPOgranted permission 01/05/2019Beside Tennis Hall starting from the end at The Sports Hall starting from the Tilia T 184. Lime. ...View
    18/T0873/TPOgranted permission 18/12/2018T1 - Triple Stemmed False Acacia (in staff car park) - Reduce laterally by 2-3m all stems to allevi...View
    18/T0779/TPOgranted permission 21/12/2018T1 - Caucasian Wingnut (on field) - Crown reduce by 25% (i.e. by 4-5m) to previous reduction points...View
    18/T0749/TPOgranted permission 19/12/2018T1 - Sycamore - Crown reduce by 30% (i.e. by 5-6m)View
    18/T0461/TPOgranted permission 21/09/2018T61 - Sycamore - Crown reduce by 20% (i.e. by 4m) to previous reduction pointsView
    18/T0359/TCADecided the Council raises no objection 16/07/2018T136 - Gleditsia (outside No.21 Waldegrave Park) - Remove dead left hand side and remainder by 3-4m...View
    18/T0360/TCAWritten Off Never Validated 24/07/2019T132 & T133 - Gleditsia - Pollard at 6mView
    18/T0130/TPOgranted permission 16/07/2018T1 (T481) - Sycamore - Crown reduce to 4m above cavity on removed fork (i.e. reduce by 6-7m) T2 - L...View
    18/T0060/TPOgranted permission 16/03/2018T1-T8 - Poplar - Re-coppice to height of coppice stool T9 - Elder - Coppice at ground levelView
    17/T1042/TPOgranted permission 01/02/2018T333 - Ilex aquifolium - Fell as the tree has died with the exception of a secondary stem which is ...View
    17/T0519/TPOgranted permission 15/09/2017T1 - Leyland Cypress (Rear of Old Sports Hall) - Fell to ground level and grind down stumpView
    17/T0391/TPOgranted permission 14/08/2017T499 - Sycamore - Remove ivy to 1.5m and remove deadwood and hanging branches T233 - Horse Chestnut...View
    17/T0247/TPOgranted permission 13/06/2017T164 - Oak - Reduce crown overhanging roadway and pitchside by 2-3m (retaining shape whilst reducin...View
    17/0776/FULgranted permission 24/04/2017Erection of temporary single storey storage facility (for storing external sporting equipment) for ...View
    16/4643/FULgranted permission 19/01/2017Erection of a temporary single storey storage facility for 3 years.View
    16/T0767/TPOgranted permission 12/12/2016T1 - Copper Beech - Fell to ground levelView
    16/T0298/TPOgranted permission 12/10/2016T578 - Pinus (at Teddington Lock) - Reduce crown height by 1.5m and radius by 2m; remove deadwood -...View
    16/1082/FULgranted permission 10/10/2016Temporary permission for the retention of R Block Portacabin for storage and office space (5 year t...View
    16/1007/VRCdecided as no further action be taken 20/07/2016Removal of condition number DV40A from planning permission 07/4107/FUL.View
    16/0245/FULgranted permission 17/03/2016Temporary retention of 1 No.portacabin (Cabin 2 on Drawing No D110) to provide additional office sp...View
    15/T0864/TPOgranted permission 09/02/2016T1 (T23) - Ailanthus Altissima - Remove T2 (T24) - Ailanthus Altissima - RemoveView
    15/4560/ADVgranted permission 08/02/2016Replacement of engraved stone St Mary's College sign over main entrance with stone overcladding to ...View
    15/3164/FULgranted permission 15/09/2015Retention of a single storey temporary modular building, providing office and storage accommodation...View
    15/T0455/TPOgranted permission 18/09/2015T1-2 - Horse Chestnut - Crown reduce by 20% and reshape i.e. by 4-5m T3 - Leylandii - Reduce overbe...View
    15/T0453/TPOgranted permission 18/09/2015T1 - Tree of Heaven - Crown lift by 4m over road and prune to give 3m from building T2 - Tree of H...View
    15/T0454/TPOgranted permission 18/09/2015T1 - Sycamore - Crown lift to 5m and remove deadwoodView
    15/T0038/TPOdecided as no further action be taken 20/03/2015Works as identified by 'The Tree Company' during site survey of all trees during 2014 and highligh...View
    13/T0797/TPOgranted permission 30/12/2013T161 Maple - Fell to ground level T160 Lime - Crown reduce by 20% T149 Lime - Crown reduce by 20% T...View
    13/0736/TCAVOIVoid application 17/10/2013T1 - Sycamore - Prune back from street light T2 - T3 - Scots Pine x 2 - Crown lift by 1.5m over roa...View
    13/3500/FULgranted permission 14/11/2013Alteration to the existing White Gates entrance to incorporate a separate pedestrian gate with rele...View
    13/T0592/TPOgranted permission 30/10/2013T1- Tree of heaven- Crown reduce by 50% and reshape (TPO 497 - T28) T2- Tree of heaven- Fell to gro...View
    13/0590/TCAVOIVoid application 12/09/2013Staff Car Park Area T1 Tree of Heaven - Crown reduce by 50% & reshape T2 Tree of Heaven - Fell to g...View
    13/T0545/TPOwithdrawn by the applicant 16/09/2013In Staff Car Park by wall - Robinia (tpo 497) - Fell to ground level and poison /grind stump and r...View
    13/2834/PS192granted permission 07/10/2013Temporary use of three portable floodlights on main campus training pitches nos 1 and 2. ...View
    13/T0465/TCADecided the Council raises no objection 16/09/2013T1 (Tree of Heaven) - Crown lift by 4m over tennis hall and by 6m over seated area; remove major de...View
    07/4107/DD04granted permission 23/08/2013Revised details pursuant to part conditions LA11A (Landscaping) and LA33 (Landscape mgmt plan - lar...View
    13/T0339/TPOgranted permission 07/08/2013T1 - Ash - In corner of Clive U garden of St Marys University bordering No 43 Waldegrave Park and W...View
    13/1213/FULgranted permission 07/06/2013Proposed first floor light well infill extension to learning research centre to provide additional ...View
    11/2420/NMAgranted permission 07/03/2013Erection of a temporary modular building adjacent to the existing athletics track to provide a trac...View
    13/T0016/TPOgranted permission 18/03/2013T1 - Oak - On outside corner of sports hall beside clive car park - Reduce limb with defective join...View
    13/T0011/TPOgranted permission 25/04/2013T1 - Robinia - Fell to ground level and remove stump - To protect wall from damageView
    12/T0854/TPOgranted permission 23/01/2013T1 - Taxus Baccata - Front of Chapel - Lift crown to a height of 15 ft, to reduce the lateral growt...View
    12/T0637/TPOgranted permission 20/11/2012T1 (T176) - Oak - Lift and reduce branches to provide 2m clearance around building T2 (T177) - Lime...View
    12/2936/FULrefused permission 19/12/2012Insertion of new pedestrian gateway to the Waldegrave Road perimeter of the campus.View
    12/2839/FULgranted permission 30/10/2012Retention of a single storey temporary modular building, providing teaching, office and storage acc...View
    12/T0500/TPOgranted permission 10/10/2012T1 - (T354) - Castanea sativa - Crown reduce by 40% due to large wound in upper crown and remove de...View
    12/T0495/TPOgranted permission 24/10/2012T1 - Norway Maple - beside the pavillion - Crown reduce by 30% T2 - Crab Apple - Reduce to clear n...View
    12/2310/FULgranted permission 28/09/2012Proposed temporary installation of a single portacabin structure to provide additional teaching spa...View
    12/T0426/TPOgranted permission 24/10/2012T1 - (T94) - Aesculus hippocastanum - Crown reduce by 30%; canopy clean T2 - (T96) - Aesculus hippo...View
    12/T0274/TPOgranted permission 24/07/2012T497 - Laburnum - Fell to ground level T506 - Robinia - Remove deadwood T156 - Ash - Remove deadwoo...View
    12/T0063/TCADecided the Council raises no objection 22/02/2012T1- Conifer- Fell to ground level and remove stump and all debris.View
    11/T0950/TCADecided the Council raises no objection 22/02/2012T1-2- Elm- Fell to ground levelView
    11/T0622/TPOgranted permission 09/11/2011T1 - London Plane - Crown reduce by 30% to previous reduction points; T2 - Horse Chestnut (by shed ...View
    11/2420/FULgranted permission 31/08/2011Erection of a temporary modular building adjacent to the existing athletics track to provide a trac...View
    11/T0465/TPOgranted permission 30/08/2011T1 - Tilia Vulgaris - Crown lift to 6 metresView
    11/0653/FULgranted permission 27/02/2012Installation of 12 cycles stands and 1 bank of 2 shelters (Outside Y Block halls of residence).View
    11/0610/FULgranted permission 24/06/2011Installation of 6 cycle stands under 1 shelter at location 2 (Reception).View
    10/2100/FULrefused permission 07/12/2010Installation of 10 no. cycle stands and shelter adjacent main entrance.View
    10/1823/FULwithdrawn by the applicant 19/08/2010Erection of a modular building adjacent the existing athletics track to provide a track recorders h...View
    07/4107/DD03Void application 20/04/2010Details Pursuant To Section 106 Legal Agreement Of Planning Permission 07/4107/FUL.View
    07/4107/DD02granted permission 31/08/2011Details Pursuant To Conditions BD12 (Materials), DV28 (External illumination), U24525 (Railings det...View
    07/4107/DD01granted permission 08/07/2010Details Pursuant To Conditions U24528 (Archaeology) in part Of Planning Permission 07/4107/FUL.View
    09/T0785/TPOgranted permission 01/02/2010G1 - Rows of Poplars(2) - Repollard/CoppiceView
    09/T0727/TPOgranted permission 23/12/2009T1 - Cherry - FellView
    09/2723/FULgranted permission 09/12/2009Temporary retention for 3 years of A Single Storey Temporary Modular Building Providing Teaching, O...View
    09/2621/FULwithdrawn by the applicant 16/12/2009Erection of a Recycling and Waste Compound for St Mary's University CollegeView
    09/0782/LBCgranted permission 24/07/2009Various Internal And External Works To A Listed Building.View
    09/0481/FULgranted permission 24/07/2009New plant room (G23) to facilitate the separation of services from St Mary's University College. Th...View
    08/T0868/TPOgranted permission 05/03/2009G2 - Crataegurs - RemoveView
    08/2636/ADVgranted permission 08/09/2008Double sided monolith type entrance signView
    08/T0462/TCAVoid application 12/02/2009Application lapsed G3 - Horse Chestnut x 16 - Crown reduce by 20% G7 - Black Poplar x 12 - Re-reduc...View
    08/T0461/TPOgranted permission 27/03/2009G1 - Rowan x 3, Crab x 2, Sycamore - Prune back to allow 1m clearancwe from nets T3- Sycamore - Pru...View
    08/1629/LBCgranted permission 30/06/2008Construction of a new timber stud partition within an office to form a corridorView
    08/1211/PS192granted permission 20/05/2008Portable floodlight.View
    08/T0054/TPOgranted permission 15/04/2008T1; Betula pendula 'Youngii' - RemoveView
    07/T0887/TPOgranted permission 10/01/2008T1; Oak - Crown lift to 2m to major whorl of branches and remove major deadwood T2; Oak - Crown lif...View
    07/4107/FULgranted permission 14/04/2010New sports hall, the refurbishment and remodelling of the existing sports hall, associated parking ...View
    07/2816/FULgranted permission 14/11/2007Installation of new bike shelters at various locations around the site.View
    07/T0634/TPOgranted permission 27/09/2007T1; Sycamore - Reduce crown laterals by 25% over gardens of Cllive Road T2; Tree of Heaven (Not und...View
    07/T0575/TPOgranted permission 20/09/2007T1; Judas Tree - Fell to ground level T2; Judas Tree - Fell to ground level T3; Holm Oak - Reduce c...View
    07/2287/FULgranted permission 22/08/2007Reinstate the entrance to the theatre building in its original location on the courtyard fa├žade, cu...View
    07/2285/ADVgranted permission 22/08/2007One theatre sign in white individual letters and two backlit A0 poster frames.View
    06/T0627/TPOrefused permission 22/12/2006T1 - Plane (Platanus spp.) - Crown reduce by 30%. T2 - Plane (Platanus spp.) x 3 - Crown reduce la...View
    06/T0616/TPOgranted permission 15/11/2006T1 - Yew (Taxus baccata) - Remove and replace. T2 - Prunus 'amanogawa' - Remove and replace.View
    06/3203/FULgranted permission 21/11/2006Installation Of 5 No. 4 Metre High Lighting Columns and Lamp Fitments.View
    06/1368/DD01granted permission 14/12/2006Details Pursuant To Conditions U10043 (Miscellaneous Details) And BD04 (Details To Specified Scale)...View
    06/2073/FULgranted permission 29/08/2006Erection Of A Single Storey Temporary Modular Building To Provide Teaching, Office And Storage Acco...View
    06/2081/FULgranted permission 05/10/2006Proposed Two Storey Extension To The Existing College Refectory Consisting Of A Kitchen At Ground F...View
    06/1368/LBCgranted permission 16/06/2006Conversion Of Chapel Undercroft To An Internet Cafe Involving External and Internal Alterations.View
    06/T0297/TPOrefused permission 06/07/2006T1 - Yew (Taxus baccata) - Remove. T2 - Sycamore (Acer pseudoplatanus) - Prune back. T3 (T5 on pl...View
    06/1432/FULgranted permission 22/06/2006Proposal to install lighting and extend steps to Chapel.View
    06/1430/LBCgranted permission 22/06/2006Proposed installation of lighting and extension to Chapel steps.View
    05/1493/DD01granted permission 20/06/2006Details Pursuant To Condition UO5207 (Paving Details) Of Planning Permission 05/1493/DD01 Dated 27....View
    06/0863/FULdecided as no further action be taken 03/07/2008Retention Of A Hazardous Chemical Store.View
    06/0632/LBCwithdrawn by the applicant 03/05/2006Conversion Of Chapel Undercroft To An Internet Cafe With Raised Timber Floor Protecting The Origina...View
    06/T0043/TPOgranted permission 06/03/2006T1 - Sycamore (Acer pseudoplatanus) - Fell to ground level.View
    05/0406/DD01granted permission 05/12/2005Details Pursuant To Condition LA07A (Tree Planting) And LA11A (Landscaping - Hard And Soft) Of Plan...View
    05/2750/PS192granted permission 21/10/2005Change Of Use From Care Taker's Flat To Offices.View
    04/0339/DD09granted permission 06/10/2005Details pursuant to BD12 (Materials - Hard Surfacing) of planning permission ref: 04/0339/FUL dated...View
    05/T0514/TPOgranted permission 07/09/2005T1 - Cedar (Cedrus spp.) - Crown thin by 20% Crown lift by 4 metres. Reduce laterally by 3-4 metr...View
    05/2276/LBCwithdrawn by the applicant 15/09/2005Internal works - installation of a platform stair - lift onto an existing stair with strengthening ...View
    04/0339/DD08granted permission 25/08/2005Details pursuant to LA09U (screen planting) of planning permission 04/0339/FUL dated 29.04.04.View
    04/0339/DD07granted permission 16/08/2005Details of materials pursuant to BD12 in part (roof tiles) of planning permission ref: 04/0339/FUL ...View
    05/1708/FULgranted permission 28/07/2005Erection Of A New Portacabin Type Physiotherapy Rooms Adjacent To The Existing Sports Hall 'R Block...View
    05/1492/LBCdecided as no further action be taken 27/06/2005Proposed external landscape upgrade to include: 1. Chapel Courtyard upgrade: i) new bins, benches, ...View
    05/1493/FULgranted permission 27/06/2005Proposed external landscape upgrade to include: 1. Chapel Courtyard upgrade: i) new bins, benches, ...View
    04/0339/DD06granted permission 17/05/2005Details pursuant to BD12 in part (staircase roofs) of planning permission 04/0339/FUL dated 29.04.0...View
    05/0932/FULgranted permission 23/05/2005Erection of tensile canopy within courtyard against the existing buildings. Erection of a glazed sc...View
    05/0805/FULrefused permission 10/05/2005Erection Of A New Portacabin Type Physiotherapy Rooms Adjacent To The Existing Sports Hall 'R Block...View
    05/0406/FULgranted permission 01/06/2005Proposed new cafe building (including external seating area) to overlook the athletics trackView
    04/0339/DD05granted permission 25/01/2005Details pursuant to condition DV28 (External Illumination) and BD12 in part (part external hard sur...View
    04/0339/DD04decided as no further action be taken 01/08/2005Details pursuant to condition LA09U (planting) of planning permission 04/0339/FUL dated 29.04.04View
    04/0339/DD03decided as no further action be taken 25/01/2005Details pursuant to condition BD12 in part (external hard surfacing) of planning permission 04/0339...View
    04/0339/DD02granted permission 08/12/2004Details pursuant to conditions BD12 in part (window frame finish and glazed insert panel) and PK06A...View
    04/3260/LBCgranted permission 04/04/2005Proposed widening of existing opening in block B and installation of counter; installation of doubl...View
    04/3166/LBCwithdrawn by the applicant 01/08/2005Internal works comprising Installation of a platform stair lift onto an existing staircase with str...View
    02/1792/DD05granted permission 14/09/2004Details pursuant to condition BD12U (track barrier) of planning application 02/1792/FUL.View
    04/2745/FULgranted permission 15/10/2004Erection of 16m lighting columns to running track approved under planning application 02/1792/FUL d...View
    02/1792/DD04granted permission 08/09/2004Details pursuant to condition LB12A (archaeology) for planning permission 02/1792/FUL dated 14/11/2...View
    04/0246/TPOgranted permission 20/09/2004T1 - Oak (Quercus robur) - Tidy damaged branch, reduce 2 x adjacent limbs at rear of summerhouse by...View
    04/0339/DD01granted permission 14/09/2004Details pursuant to condition BD12 in part (bricks) of planning permission 04/0399/FUL dated 29.04....View
    04/0293/DD02granted permission 14/09/2004Details pursuant to conditions U00697 (Protective fencing) and U00698 (Tree protection measures) of...View
    04/0293/DD01granted permission 14/09/2004Details pursuant to condition BD05 (Materials) of planning permission 04/0293/FUL dated 13/07/2004.View
    02/1792/DD03granted permission 12/08/2004Details pursuant to conditions BD12U in part (surface treatment) and NS03U (trees) of planning per...View
    02/1792/DD02decided as no further action be taken 12/08/2004Details pursuant to condition 02/1792/FUL of planning permission 02/1792/FULView
    04/1085/FULwithdrawn by the applicant 04/11/2005Erection Of Hazardous Chemical Store.View
    04/1007/FULgranted permission 13/07/2004Conversion And Rebuilding Of Block L Outbuildings To Offices.View
    02/1792/DD01decided as no further action be taken 19/01/2005Details Pursuant To Condidtions Bd11u (miscellaneous Details) And Ns02u (non Standard) To Planning ...View
    04/0904/FULgranted permission 19/07/2004External Elevational Alterations Including Glazed Enclosure To Cloisters To Facilitate (1) Conversi...View
    04/0293/FULgranted permission 13/07/2004Temporary Erection Of Porta-cabin For Changing Room And Storage On Land Adjacent To The Existing Sp...View
    04/0300/FULgranted permission 28/04/2004Proposed Provision Of Refuse Storage Compounds In 4 Locations On Campus With Central Connection Poi...View
    04/0339/FULgranted permission 29/04/2004Erection Of Additional Halls Of Residence Adjoining And Linked To The Existing Halls Of Residence. ...View
    03/T1875granted permission 20/11/2003Ash (fraxinus Excelsior) - Prune Back From Street Lamp And Phon Wires; Crown Lift To Statutory Hei...View
    03/2802/FULgranted permission 16/01/2004Erection Of A Portacabin On Existing Hardstanding To Rear Of Block N For A Temporary Period.View
    03/2789/FULrefused permission 03/11/2003Provision Of Dispersed Refuse Storage Compounds In 6 Locations On Campus With A Central Collection ...View
    03/T1150granted permission 11/07/2003Cedar (cedrus) - Prune Back From Property To Give Up To 1.5 Metres Clearance; Remove Major Deadwood.View
    03/T1151granted permission 11/07/2003Turkey Oak (quercus Cerris) - Crown Lift To 5 Metres; Remove Deadwood.View
    03/1855/FULrefused permission 12/09/2003Erection Of A Three Storey Extension To The Existing Three Storey Residences At Graham, Wiseman And...View
    03/0963/FULwithdrawn by the applicant 17/06/2003Erection Of A Three Storey Extension To The Existing Three Storey Residences At Graham, Wiseman And...View
    03/0668/FULrefused permission 22/04/2003Re-location Of The Existing Main College Bin Storage Area.View
    03/0669/FULdecided as no further action be taken 06/05/2004Temporary Planning Permission To Locate Two Standard Containers And Two Portacabins On Existing Har...View
    02/2738granted permission 04/11/2002Installation Of A 6m High Stub Tower, Containing Three Panel Antennae And One Antenna Dish And An E...View
    02/1967refused permission 28/08/2002Installation Of Telecommunications ApparatusView
    02/1792granted permission 18/11/2002Provision Of New Athletics Track And Associated Facilities To Replace The Existing Facilities Inclu...View
    02/T0612granted permission 18/04/2002Elm - FellView
    02/T0611granted permission 18/04/2002Sycamore - FellView
    02/T0613granted permission 18/04/2002Sycamore - FellView
    02/T0614granted permission 18/04/2002Dead Elm - FellView
    02/T0615granted permission 18/04/2002Dead Elms - FellView
    02/T0610granted permission 18/04/2002English Oak - Remove Snapped Branch In Upper CanopyView
    01/2924granted permission 18/04/2002Erection Of Acrylic Covers To Protect Antelope Figures On Staircase.View
    01/1223granted permission 18/07/2001Works In Association With Demolition Of 'k' Block. Conversion Of Section Of Bin Store To Launderett...View
    01/1197granted permission 02/08/2001Installation Of Radio Equipment Housing.View
    01/1074decided as no further action be taken 21/06/2001Proposed Temporary Teaching Accommodation, To Be Removed Subject To Planning Application 01/0361/fu...View
    01/0782refused permission 20/04/2001Proposed 6m Stub Tower Supporting 6 Antennae And 4 Microwave Dishes 1 Equipment Cabinet To Be Locat...View
    01/0361granted permission 22/06/2001Demolition Of Existing Teaching Accommodation. Erection OfView
    00/3442Decided the Council raises no objection 23/01/2001Proposed Telecommunications Base Station To Provide Mobile Telephone Coverage.View
    00/T1874granted permission 08/01/2001Yew T43 - Lightly Selectively Prune Lower Branches Growing Over Paved Area Retaining Natural Shape ...View
    00/T0511granted permission 15/05/2000Black Poplar - Reduce By Up To 60 View
    00/T0513granted permission 15/05/2000Black Poplar - Reduce By Up To 60 View
    00/T0512granted permission 15/05/2000Black Poplar - Reduce By Up To 60 View
    99/2573granted permission 23/12/1999Alterations To Window Opening In Block B.View
    98/2913granted permission 10/02/1999Alterations To Gents Toilet To Office.View
    98/2731granted permission 06/01/1999Conversion Of Existing Rooms Used As Offices To Study Bedroom Use.View
    98/T1472granted permission 26/11/1998T40 - Platanus X Hispanica - Remove Lower Branches Overhanging Car ParkView
    98/T1473granted permission 26/11/1998T41 - Quercus Robur - Remove Epicormic Growth And Small Laterals Overhanging Car ParkView
    98/T1471granted permission 26/11/1998T35 - Platanus X Hispanica - Remove Lower Branches Overhaning Car ParkView
    98/T1470granted permission 26/11/1998T28 - Ailanthus Altissima - 30 Crown Reduction And Removal Of Damaged Limb Over Car ParkView
    97/T7516refused permission 02/12/1997Tree No. T75 Sycamore - Prune Branches Overhanging 8 Clive RoadView
    97/1320granted permission 15/08/1997Alterations To Existing Toilet And Store Area To Provide Additional Toilet Facilities.View
    97/T6658granted permission 19/06/1997Sycamore - Fell Dead Or Dying StemsView
    97/0029granted permission 04/03/1997Refurbishment Of Front Facade. (new Cramps, Minor Stone Repairs Etc.)View
    97/0030granted permission 04/03/1997Removal Of Cementitious Render Stucco From The External Brick Work Walls To Reveal 'joints Jointed'...View
    96/3978granted permission 24/10/1997Alterations And Extension To Existing Sports Centre To Provide A Coaching And Performance Developme...View
    95/1244/DD01granted permission 11/12/1995Details Pursuant To Condition Bd12 (materials) Of Planning Permission 95/1244/ful Dated 7/6/95.View
    95/2316/S191granted permission 16/08/1995Extension To Existing Tennis Hall To Provide Wind And Dust Control Lobby & Store Area For Equipment.View
    95/2315/S192granted permission 16/08/1995Erection Of New Lobby To Student Union Building.View
    95/T2659/CAgranted permission 07/09/1995Fell Robinia TreeView
    95/1244/FULgranted permission 07/06/1995Extension To Existing LibraryView
    95/0589/S191granted permission 07/04/1995Mixed Use For The Purposes Of Educational Institute With Ancillary Residential Accommodation, Playi...View
    94/2140/DD01granted permission 10/03/1995Details Pursuant To Condition La13 (landscaping) Of Planning Permission 94/2140/ful Dated 14/10/94View
    94/1549/DD03granted permission 20/03/1995Details Pursuant To Condition La07 (tree Planting) Of Planning Permission 94/1549/ful Dated 4/8/94View
    94/1549/DD01granted permission 26/09/1994Details Pursuant To Condition Bd05 (marerials) Of Planning Permission 94/1549/ful Dated 4/8/94View
    94/1549/DD02granted permission 04/10/1994Details Pursuant To Conditions La03 (no Felling/lopping), La06 (protected Trees) And La17 (soil Com...View
    94/2140/FULgranted permission 14/10/1994Installation Of Grasscrete Car Park At Students UnionView
    94/1549/FULgranted permission 04/08/1994Erection Of Tennis Hall - Amendment To Planning Consent 94/0397/fulView
    94/0397/FULgranted permission 26/05/1994Erection Of Tennis HallView
    92/1881/DD02granted permission 15/09/1993Details Pursuant To Condition Bd06 (materials) Of Planning Consent 92/1881/ful Dated 22/12/92.View
    93/1076/FULgranted permission 13/08/1993Single Storey Extension To Existing Chaplaincy Centre & New Boundary Wall.View
    93/0547/FULgranted permission 03/06/1993Extension To Sports Building To Form Sports Injury Clinic.View
    92/1881/DD01granted permission 01/04/1993Details Pursuant To Condition Attached To Consent 92/1881 Bd09 (materials) Dated 22.12.92 For The E...View
    91/2032/DD04granted permission 24/03/1993Details Pursuant To Condition La03 (works To Trees) Of Planning Consent 91/2032 Dated 24/2/92.View
    93/0220/FULgranted permission 01/04/1993Make Good Fire Damaged Structure And Aterations To Form Teaching Space.View
    92/2051/FULgranted permission 18/02/1993Erection Of Enclosed Access Stair.View
    92/1441/DD01granted permission 22/02/1993Details Pursuant To Condition La11 (landscaping) & Bd05 (materials) Of Planning Consent 92/1441 Dat...View
    91/2032/DD03granted permission 22/02/1993Details Pursuant To Condition Bd05 (materials), La11 (landscaping) & Pk06 (cycle Parking) Of Planni...View
    92/1881/FULgranted permission 22/12/1992Extension To And Adaption Of Drama Workshop To Provide A Three Storey Building For Use As Student U...View
    92/1678/FULrefused permission 30/11/1992Demolition Of Existing Garage And Erection Of A Two Storey Side Extension For Use By Elderly Relati...View
    92/1595/S192classed not development - S64 determine 12/10/1992Internal Alterations To Facilitate A Temporary Bar Arrangement And Appropriate Fire Protection And ...View
    92/1441/FULgranted permission 30/09/1992Formation Of 6 No. Relocated Car Parking Spaces To Rear Of New Hostels And Adjustment To Layout Of ...View
    91/2032/DD02granted permission 28/07/1992Details Pursuant To Condition Dv17 (bin Enclosure) Of Planning Consent 91/2032/ful Dated 24/2/92.View
    91/2032/DD01granted permission 08/07/1992Details Pursuant To Condition Ns01 (non Standard), Bd10 (sample Panels) And Partially Purusant To C...View
    92/0754/FULgranted permission 28/05/1992Extension And Refurbishment Of Gymnasium.View
    92/0468/FULgranted permission 09/04/1992Extension And Refurbishment Of Student Union Toilet Accommodation.View
    91/2038/FULgranted permission 06/12/19912 No. Single Storey Extensions To Kitchen Store And Servery Area.View
    91/2032/FULgranted permission 24/02/1992Erection Of 1 No. 3/4 Storey Building And 1 No. 3 Storey Building Comprising 106 No. Student Study/...View
    91/1543/S64Decision Unknown 03/10/1991Alterations To Kitchen, Servery And New Goods Entry.View
    90/2098/FULgranted permission 25/02/1991Conversion Of Bath Houses At Clive Hostel To Form Additional Student Bedrooms & 2 No. First Floor E...View
    90/1683/FULUnknown - historic data no records 14/11/1990Provision Of New Bin Store Area & Pergola.View
    89/2235/LBCUnknown - historic data no records 25/12/1989Single Storey Roof Top Extension To Provide New Vivarium.View
    89/2234/LBCUnknown - historic data no records 25/12/1989Construction Of New Fire Escape Stair Within Existing Building. Replace Existing Roof In Hallway Wi...View
    89/2233/FULUnknown - historic data no records 25/12/1989Construction Of New Fire Escape Stair Within Existing Building. Replace Existing Roof To Hallway Wi...View
    89/2232/FULUnknown - historic data no records 25/12/1989Single Storey Roof Top Extension To Provide New Vivarium.View
    88/1826granted permission 30/09/1988Conversion of store room to central reception area and formation of new entrance (Drawing No. 87 11...View
    86/0561granted permission 22/07/1986Erection of extension to sports hall.View
    86/0165granted permission 21/07/1986Erection of new infill building between existing science block to be used as additional science dep...View
    85/0115granted permission 01/03/1985Provision of new fire escape stairs from day study centre.View
    83/1388granted permission 04/01/1984Demolition of existing lean to and erection of new single storey laundry area.View
    83/1085granted permission 16/12/1983Erection of a single storey library extension. (Revised plans received 20th October, 1983).View
    83/0146granted permission 08/04/1983Erection of two storey extension and minor internal alterations to existing sportshall. (Amended d...View
    81/1478granted permission 08/04/1982Erection of new entrance gates and adjacent walls and piers.View
    81/1049granted permission 24/09/1981Alterations to part of building involving the construction of new utility rooms at first and second...View
    80/0558granted permission 11/08/1980Erection of a single storey extension to students union part of college to provide new lounge and e...View
    79/1674granted permission 09/04/1980Erection of a two storey extension to southern side of existing theatre to provide additional semin...View
    78/0112granted permission 04/05/1978Erection of a new double garage and new car park with landscaping.View
    76/0698refused permission 09/03/1977Alterations to boundary wall and the creation of a coach lay-by.View
    76/0039granted permission 08/04/1976Erection of first floor extension to provide tutorial block extension.View
    75/0060granted permission 08/08/1975Alterations to landscaped area in forecourt of existing Chapel; provision of new pedestrian access.View
    74/0863granted permission 26/08/1975Alterations to and extension of car park and landscaped area.View
    73/1031granted permission 15/01/1974Demolition of existing wall and formation of new vehicular access.View
    72/0453granted permission 13/07/1972Conversion and use of existing gymnasium as Students Union accommodation and erection of one and tw...View
    71/2733granted permission 05/06/1973Erection of swimming pool and single-storey plant room; provision of car park for 20 cars.View
    71/2734granted permission 13/07/1972Erection of gymnasium and associated single storey buildings comprising physical education laborato...View
    70/1629granted permission 29/12/1970Erection of single storey extension to dining hall.View
    70/1277granted permission 10/08/1970Erection of single storey extension to hostel.View
    70/1134granted permission 29/12/1970Erection of one 3-storey extension to provide additional teaching accommodation; erection of 2-stor...View
    68/1782granted permission 02/10/1968Erection of single storey extension to kitchen, and staff dining room.View
    68/1254granted permission 01/08/1968Erection of a covered way and single storey extension to existing gymnasium for use as a students c...View
    68/0920granted permission 11/06/1968Erection of external escape staircase.View
    67/1330granted permission 12/09/1967Erection of new three-storey teaching block and extensions and alterations to existing sports hall.View
    66/2194granted permission 23/01/1967Kitchen stores extension.View
    65/1724granted permission 24/12/1965Erection of Sports Hall and Centre for physical training and recreation (Stage I).View
    64/0495granted permission 25/06/1964Extensions to provide additional teaching and sanitary accommodation.View
    64/0494granted permission 25/06/1964Erection of a building to contain students bed-study rooms and other ancillary accommodation.View
    63/1170granted permission 17/12/1963Conversion of existing chapel to common rooms and offices, by addition of a new floor.View
    62/0742granted permission 16/08/1962New gate lodge and access drive.View
    62/0743granted permission 16/08/1962Alterations to front elevation of (1926) buildings and construction of covered way and store.View
    61/1282granted permission 19/01/1962Retention of existing garage.View
    60/1127granted permission 19/12/1960Erection of new Chapel and Library.View
    60/0717granted permission 01/09/1960Erection of extensions.View
    60/0498granted permission 04/07/1960Erection of extensions.View
    59/0106granted permission 01/05/1959Erection of new chapel, assembly hall, residential buildings and alterations and extensions to exis...View
    58/0484granted permission 25/08/1958Erection of an electricity transformer sub-station.View
    58/0376granted permission 09/07/1958Restoration work to main entrance.View
    58/0170refused permission 30/05/1958Erection of science building and cloakrooms.View
    47/8153granted permission 23/05/1957Erection of a new gymnasium, changing rooms and lavatory accommodation.View
    47/5177granted permission 27/07/1954Extension to existing College building.View
    47/4936granted permission 27/07/1954Erection of store shed.View
    47/0779granted permission 16/06/1949Extension to wood work class room.View
    47/0493granted permission 10/03/1949The construction of additions.View
    47/0204granted permission 15/11/1948The reinstatement of war damage.View
    47/0080granted permission 15/09/1948The erection of an additional hut for handicrafts.View
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  • Application NumberStatusProposal
    14/T0842/TCADecided the Council raises no objection 29/12/2014By staff car park Tree of Heaven - Fell to ground level due to location on cellar void By sports fi...View

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