Planning application number: 07/4107/DD02

St Marys University College 268 Waldegrave Road Twickenham TW1 4SX (View on map)

Status: granted permission 31/08/2011

Latest: Decision Issued

Level: Delegated Decision


Proposal Details Pursuant To Conditions BD12 (Materials), DV28 (External illumination), U24525 (Railings details), U24529 (Bat and bird boxes), U24532 (SBEM results), U24536 (Permeable surfaces), PK06A (Cycle parking), U24528 (Archaeology), U24530 (Temporary car park details), LA07 (tree planting), LA11A (Landscaping), LA29 (Details of earthworks), U24522 (Tree protection), U24523 (Tree work supervision), U24527 (Surface water run off limitation), DV28 (lighting) Of Planning Permission 07/4107/FUL.
Type Reserved Matters DD Submission 2
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Agent David Tucker
54 Rivington Street Shoreditch London EC2A 3QN
Officer Mr Bryan Staff (Expired)


A decision has been issued by the authority.

A copy of the decision notice will appear in the case file soon, and within a maximum of two weeks.
Application Received 14/04/2010
Validated 12/05/2010
Decision Issued 31/08/2011

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