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Weekly list of applications received in the week ending 24-Sep-2021
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  • 14 Melville Road Barnes London SW13 9RJ


    Lowering existing cellar floor level. Single storey rear extension and lowered rear ground floor level to align with the existing garden level. Replacement French doors and Juliet balconies on first floor rear elevation. Alterations/New fenestration on side elevation. Enlargement and alterations to existing rear dormer roof extension. New dormer and rooflights to the front elevation. Replacement window and door on front elevation. New outbuilding in the rear garden.

  • 19 Elm Road East Sheen London SW14 7JL


    Rear outbuilding for uses incidental to the enjoyment of the dwelling.

  • 15 Park Gate Gardens East Sheen London SW14 8BQ


    Widening of rear extension openings with aluminium doors and new rooflights to existing extension.

  • 15 Park Gate Gardens East Sheen London SW14 8BQ


    Proposed rear garden outbuilding

  • 15 Park Gate Gardens East Sheen London SW14 8BQ


    Partial single storey side infills to level with existing rear extension wall. New doors and rooflights to existing extension

  • 92 Temple Sheen Road East Sheen London SW14 7RR


    Rear and rear side extension to this single family dwelling

  • 92 Temple Sheen Road East Sheen London SW14 7RR


    Erection of an outbuilding at the rear of the garden.

  • 42 Anlaby Road Teddington TW11 0PP


    Rear ground floor extension replacing conservatory

  • 42 Anlaby Road Teddington TW11 0PP


    Rear roof extension

  • 18 Railway Road Teddington TW11 8SB


    Proposed ground and first floor rear extensions.

  • 18 Railway Road Teddington TW11 8SB


    L-shape rear dormer dormer roof extensions. Rooflights to front elevation

  • 3 Strathmore Road Teddington TW11 8UJ


    Single storey rear extension (5.873m depth, 2.700m eaves height, 2.990m overall height)

  • 27 Blandford Road Teddington TW11 0LF


    Variation of conditions U0107475 - Car parking spaces, and U0107477 - Vehicle crossover, pursuant to planning permission 21/2159/VRC: In order that the conditions match the correct drawing number (revision E not revision C).

  • 181 Burtons Road Hampton Hill TW12 1DX



  • 3 Victor Road Teddington TW11 8SP


    T1 - Sycamore Reduce by 3-4m back to most previous reduction points. Final height 13m and spread 8m. General maintenance.

  • 309 Hanworth Road Hampton TW12 3EJ


    Rear dormer roof extension, roof window to front roof slope and erection of front porch.

  • 309 Hanworth Road Hampton TW12 3EJ


    Single storey rear extension (3.50m depth, 3.00m eaves height, 4.00m overall height).

  • 30 Morland Close Hampton TW12 3YX


    Erection of a conservatory at rear.

  • 4 The Terrace 140 Richmond Hill Richmond TW10 6RN


    Main roof - replacement viewing platform and stair enclosure.

  • 231 Ashburnham Road Ham Richmond TW10 7SE


    Single storey side/rear extension, replacement windows and panels on all elevaitons, new rooflight on front roof

  • Ham Polo Club Petersham Road Petersham Richmond TW10 7AH


    Replacement Equestrian Track

  • 24 Woodville Road Ham Richmond TW10 7QL


    Single storey rear extension (4.00m depth, 2.85m eaves height, 3.93m overall height)

  • 29 Ham Farm Road Ham Richmond TW10 5NA


    Two storey side and single storey rear extensions, two storey rear extension, dormer roof extension, associated landscaping and roof terrace.

  • 29 Ham Farm Road Ham Richmond TW10 5NA


    Two storey side and single storey rear extensions, Two storey rear extension, dormer roof extension and associated landscaping.

  • Sudbrook Lodge Petersham Road Ham Richmond TW10 5HA


    Retrospective planning applciation for the construction of a shed.

  • 25 Percy Road Hampton TW12 2HW


    Rear dormer roof extension.

  • 25 Percy Road Hampton TW12 2HW


    single storey rear extension (5.16m depth, 2.95m eaves height, 2.95m overall height)

  • 2 Mount Mews Hampton TW12 2SH


    Non material amendment to planning permission 20/0915/GPD15 to allow for Installation of three aluminium double glazed obscure glass powder coated windows, providing natural light to the rear of the property at ground and first floor levels.

  • 31 Tudor Road Hampton TW12 2NG


    Roof extension to replace an existing dormer extension

  • 7 Milton Road Hampton TW12 2LL


    Ground floor rear extension. New rooflight to rear elevation (amended).

  • Hampton Pre-Prep And Prep School Gloucester Road Hampton TW12 2UQ


    Details pursuant to condition U67172 - Restriction on Pupil Numbers of Planning Permission 13/2102/FUL.

  • Hampton Court Bridge Hampton Court Road Hampton


    Installation of new protective kerbing and bollards on either side of Hampton Court Bridge.

  • 39 Hampton Court Road Hampton East Molesey KT8 9BY


    Variation of parking permit restriction from S106 Legal Agreement pursuant to permission Ref 11/3417/FUL

  • 36 Percy Road Hampton TW12 2LA


    Change of use from F1(a) (school) to a children's day care nursery (E(f) use class).

  • 58 St Winifreds Road Teddington TW11 9JR


    Proposed ground floor rear extension, facade alterations, floor plan redesign and all associated works

  • 1 - 8 Barons Court Broom Road Teddington


    The property consists of 8 existing 2 bed dwellings. The proposal is for an additional 4-9 dwellings by way of either overall replacement development or by development of 2 additional floors and new roof or one additional floor and attic level flats ontop of existing Barons Court building

  • 95 North Road Kew Richmond TW9 4HQ


    Erection of side dormer roof extensions.

  • 49 Sandycombe Road Richmond TW9 2EP


    L - shape rear dormer extension with two rooflights to the front roof slope. Removal of chimney.

  • 65 Sandycombe Road Richmond TW9 2EP


    Erection of a dormer roof extension to roof of outrigger.

  • 63 Sandycombe Road Richmond TW9 2EP


    Details pursuant to condition 11 - surface water drainage details, 13 - storage and disposal of refuse/waste, and 14 - cycle parking, of planning permission 19/2753/FUL (allowed on appeal).

  • Royal Botanic Gardens Kew Green Kew Richmond TW9 3AB


    Details pursuant to condition U0082767 - External illumination, of planning permission 20/0805/VRC.

  • 105 - 107 White Hart Lane Barnes London


    Details pursuant to condition 4 (window details), of planning inspectorate decision 19/3221/HOT.

  • The China Chef 78 White Hart Lane Barnes London SW13 0PZ


    Removal of existing extract chimney. Removal of small existing window and replace with larger doors. Fencing to side. Change of use to Offices (Class E).

  • 54 White Hart Lane Barnes London SW13 0PZ


    Confirm that application 09/1288/COU has been implemented

  • 65 The Avenue Kew Richmond TW9 2AH


    Single storey rear extension. Proposed garden shed to rear.

  • 28 Selwyn Avenue Richmond TW9 2HA


    Proposed single storey side infill rear extension and alterations to fenestration.

  • 51 Kings Farm Avenue Richmond TW10 5AE


    Single-storey rear extension (4m depth, 2.4m eaves height, 3.7m overall height).

  • 51 Kings Farm Avenue Richmond TW10 5AE


    Installation of 2 new windows on side elevation

  • 6 Carrington Road Richmond TW10 5AA


    Single storey rear extension (6.00m depth, 2.20m eaves height, 3.50m overall height)

  • 99 St Leonards Road East Sheen London SW14 7BL


    Rear dormer roof extension. Installation of rooflights. Part enclosure to existing front porch way.

  • 3 Tangier Road Richmond TW10 5DP


    Construction of a single-storey rear extension. Rooflight to front/side existing roofslope.

  • 153 Lower Richmond Road Mortlake London SW14 7HX


    Roof lights on front and rear slopes.

  • 48 Holmes Road Twickenham TW1 4RE


    Single Storey Rear extension with a flat roof and one central skylight and the replacement of the existing back door with a minor change of location

  • 32 Popes Grove Twickenham TW1 4JY


    Hip to gable and rear dormer roof extension with rooflights to front roof slope.

  • 9 Radnor Gardens Twickenham TW1 4NA


    Proposed single storey rear extension (following demolition of existing conservatory) (6.00m depth, 2.30m eaves height, 3.40m overall height)

  • 35 Tennyson Avenue Twickenham TW1 4QX


    Demolition of existing rear garden outbuilding and the construction of a new outbuilding.

  • Twickenham Primary Academy 57 Colne Road Twickenham Hampton TW2 6QF


    Non-illuminated School Name Sign over Front Entrance and over Rear Entrance.

  • 48 Sheen Park Richmond TW9 1UW


    Proposed shed to rear garden of property.

  • Silver Birches 2 - 6 Marchmont Road Richmond TW10 6HH


    Removal of condition U0010914 - Window obscure glazed-No openable, pursuant to planning permission 15/5217/FUL.

  • 56 The Vineyard Richmond TW10 6AT


    Application Reference Number: 21/1615/HOT - Condition Number(s): U0107154 - to allow for drive-on rooflight to front light well

  • Telecommunications Site 78219 Old Deer Car Park Richmond Road Twickenham


    Installation of 1 no. 17.5m monopole with 2 no. 300mm dishes, 3 no. equipment cabinets and associated ancillary works thereto.

  • Silver Birches 2 - 6 Marchmont Road Richmond TW10 6HH


    Details pursuant to condition U10923 - NS08 (Ecology preservation and enhancement) of planning permission 15/5217/FUL

  • 157 Sheen Road Richmond TW9 1YS


    Details pursuant to condition U0084894 - Brick Sample Panel, of listed building consent 20/0853/LBC.

  • Fairlawn Ormond Avenue Richmond TW10 6TN


    Replacement roof with side and rear dormer roof extension and rooflights

  • 24 Mount Ararat Road Richmond TW10 6PG


    Replacement of single storey rear extension and erection of Garden Room on the back of the garden to provide additional home office and gym space.

  • 4 Vineyard Mews Preston Place Richmond TW10 6DD


    Replacement French Doors. Single storey rear extension and pergola canopy.

  • 13 Hill Rise Richmond TW10 6UQ


    Alterations to the plan of the front and rear room at the ground floor level associated with the relocation of WC's and additional storage area/interior fit-out; New staircase between the ground floor and lower ground floor; New inserted freestanding steel framed structure to support the new bar floor & New storage area beneath; Alterations to openings internally; Changes to services and M&E strategy (ducting on the flat roof of the rear ground floor extension omitted); External alterations.

  • Berkely House 85 Sheen Road Richmond TW9 1YJ


    Retrospective application for the installation of external shutters

  • 8 South Western Road Twickenham TW1 1LQ


    Hip to gable and rear L shaped roof extension.

  • 22 Orchard Road Twickenham TW1 1LY


    Proposal to repair the existing cellar, keeping its floor area and volume as existing. Installation of a flight of steps (in line with building regs), down from the kitchen to the cellar.

  • 121 Amyand Park Road Twickenham TW1 3HN


    Variation of condition U0108012 Approved Plans, of planning permission 21/2277/HOT to allow demolition and rebuilding of the existing chimney stacks to facilitate the proposed works.

  • Mary Wallace Theatre The Embankment Twickenham TW1 3DU


    externally illuminated signage above door

  • 32 - 32A Church Street Twickenham


    Replacement externally Illuminated Fascia signage.

  • Schurlock Place 9 - 23 Third Cross Road Twickenham TW2 5FP


    Details pursuant to conditions U0081523 - Green Roof Details, and U0081531 - Hard and Soft Landscaping Required, of planning permission 19/2860/FUL.

  • Schurlock Place 9 - 23 Third Cross Road Twickenham TW2 5FP


    Details pursuant of conditions U0081534 (Refuse/ Recycling Arrangements) and U0081537 (Cycle Parking) of planning permission 19/2860/FUL.

  • 36 Redway Drive Twickenham TW2 7NX


    Proposed front porch, single-storey rear extension, partial side first floor extension and loft conversion with rear dormer and rooflights.

  • 28 Mayfair Avenue Twickenham TW2 7JG


    Single storey self-contained studio flat with demolition of existing garage

  • 14-21 Holborn Viaduct 32-33 & 34-35 Farringdon Street London EC1A 2AT


    Demolition of existing buildings at 14-21 Holborn Viaduct, 34-35 and 32-33A Farringdon Street, and construction of a new building arranged over 2 basement levels, ground and 10 upper floors to Holborn Viaduct and 12 upper floors to Farringdon Street to provide a new Commercial, Business and Service (Class E) building; new publicly accessible lift to provide step-free access between Holborn Viaduct and Farringdon Street; hard and soft landscaping works and other works incidental to the development. [The proposed development does not accord with the provisions of the development plan in force in the area in which the land to which the application relates is situated]


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