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  • 17 Rocks Lane Barnes London SW13 0DB


    Single storey rear extension. New rooflights to roof of existing side/rear extension. Alterations to exisitng front dormer. New front mansard dormer with French doors and balcony and associated railings. Replacement of all windows with like-for-like upgrades.

  • 13 Gerard Road Barnes London SW13 9RQ


    Demolition of existing rear conservatory and construction of new rear extension with raised decking to rear

  • 335 - 337 Lonsdale Road Barnes London


    Rear dormer roof extension, replacement windows to front and rear elevations, removal of chimney to rear, installation of patio doors to rear elevation.

  • 60 Ullswater Road Barnes London SW13 9PN


    Construction of a ground floor rear extension.

  • 13 Bexhill Road East Sheen London SW14 7NF


    Construction of an L shaped dormer roof extension, to provide an additional bedroom and en-suite bathroom

  • 17 Temple Sheen East Sheen London SW14 7RP


    Alterations and rebuilding of existing glazed roof ground floor rear extensions.

  • 76A Richmond Park Road East Sheen London SW14 8LA


    Details pursuant to condition U0060554 (Travel Plan) of Planning Permission 18/2353/FUL

  • 60 Queens Road East Sheen London SW14 8PJ


    Rear dormer on roof of outrigger.

  • 51 Elm Road East Sheen London SW14 7JL


    Single storey side infill extension

  • 68 Palmerston Road East Sheen London SW14 7PZ


    Rear roof dormer on the 2nd floor of an existing residential building and the insertion of two new rooflights into the front pitched roof slope.

  • 35 York Avenue East Sheen London SW14 7LQ


    Single story rear extension with flat roof. Installation of rooflight to front elevation roof slope.

  • 35 York Avenue East Sheen London SW14 7LQ


    Rear dormer and rooflights to front roofslope

  • 30 East Sheen Avenue East Sheen London SW14 8AS


    Replacement of ground floor front elevation windows

  • 19 Temple Sheen Road East Sheen London SW14 7PY


    single storey rear extension

  • 3 Penrhyn Crescent East Sheen London SW14 7PF


    Two storey side/rear extension. Single storey rear extension.

  • 14 Temple Sheen East Sheen London SW14 7RP


    Single-storey side extension. First floor rear extension. Roof alterations including raising ridge, 2 side dormers, 3 new roof lights.

  • 17 Stanley Road East Sheen London


    Removal of conditions BD12 (Details - Materials to be approved), DV02A (Boundary Fencing), DV18A (Refuse Arrangements), LA11A (Landscaping), PK06A (Cycle Parking), RD06A (Closing of Existing Access), U26296 (Obscure Glazing), U26297 (No additional windows) and U26298 (Use of Parking Space) pursuant to planning permission 08/1467/FUL.

  • 24 Myrtle Road Hampton Hill TW12 1QE


    Hip-to-gable roof enlargement with dormer extension to rear and roof lights to front.

  • 50 South Road Twickenham


    Partially illuminated totem comprising signage panels

  • 43 Railway Road Teddington TW11 8SD


    Single storey rear extension

  • 52 Wolsey Road Hampton Hill TW12 1QW


    proposed ground floor cloakroom with access via a ventilated lobby

  • 91 Stanley Road Teddington TW11 8UB


    Variation of condition U0084594 (approved drawings) pursuant to planning permission 20/0850/FUL to allow changes to front, side and rear elevation.

  • 451 Chertsey Road Twickenham TW2 6LS


    2 Storey rear and side extension. Proposed materials chosen to match existing materials.

  • 449 Chertsey Road Twickenham TW2 6LS


    2 storey rear and side extension Proposed materials matching existing

  • 11 Courtlands Avenue Hampton TW12 3NS


    Single storey timber orangery to replace existing conservatory

  • 18 Longford Close Hampton Hill TW12 1AB


    Single-storey rear extension (3.65m depth, 2.8m eaves height, 3m maximum height).

  • 102 Broad Lane Hampton TW12 3BW


    Hip to gable roof extension, rear dormer extension to main roof and back addition, installation of rooflight to front elevation

  • 18 Broad Lane Hampton TW12 3AW


    Single-storey rear extension (following demolition of existing rear projection).

  • 6 Arlington Road Petersham Richmond TW10 7BY


    Non-material amendment to planning approval 20/3467/HOT to allow for rearrangement of rooflights and new clerestory side windows.

  • 3 Ham Farm Road Ham Richmond TW10 5ND


    Non material amendment to planning approval 20/2578/HOT to allow for amendment to position of garden room

  • 60 Sheridan Road Ham Richmond TW10 7NH


    Replacement windows on front elevation. Replacement windows and doors on rear elevation

  • 5 Ashfield Close Petersham Richmond TW10 7AF


    Details in pursuant of condition U0078985 (Arboricultural Details) of Planning Permission 19/2170/FUL

  • 33 Ham Farm Road Ham Richmond TW10 5NA


    Extension of existing house and reversion of two plots into one and associated hard and soft landscaping

  • 269 Petersham Road Petersham Richmond TW10 7DA


    Enlargement of existing side dormer. Rear/side dormer roof extensions.

  • 163 Dukes Avenue Ham Richmond TW10 7YH


    Rear dormer roof extension. Raise height of existing single storey rear extension. Replacement outbuilding to rear.

  • 28 Wensleydale Road Hampton TW12 2LW


    Loft and first floor extension. New porch

  • 45 - 49 Station Road Hampton TW12 2BT


    Partial demolition of existing car showroom, and proposed construction of 4 semi detached houses

  • 12 Scotts Drive Hampton TW12 2UN


    Removal and repositioning of fence.

  • The Herbarium Library Kew Green Kew Richmond TW9 3AE


    Alterations to internal doors to comply with life safety fire protection measures.

  • 44 Dancer Road Richmond TW9 4LA


    Replacement window on side elevation. Replacement French doors on rear elevation.

  • Kew Pavilion Kew Green Kew Richmond TW9 3AH


    Replacement of the existing 2 bay non-fenced cricket nets and with a 3-bay retractable net system and security fencing on Kew Green. The proposed facility will be a new ECB (England Cricket Board) approved non turf cricket surface which will have a secure metal fence on the outside with 3 bays inside using knotless polypropylene netting. It is proposed that the fence and nets are to be in green colour and be combined with mesh screens to blend with its surroundings.

  • 32 Brookwood Avenue Barnes London SW13 0LR



  • 26 Westwood Road Barnes London SW13 0LA


    Hip to gable roof extension and enlarged rear dormer. Rooflights to front roofslope

  • 72 Archway Street Barnes London SW13 0AW


    Erection of a rear roof dormer extension with the addition of conservation style roof lights to the front roof slope.

  • 88 Cleveland Gardens Barnes London SW13 0AH


    Non material amendment to planning approval 21/1170/HOT to allow for addition/alterations to Velux windows on front roof.

  • 1 Priory Gardens Barnes London SW13 0JU


    Demolition of the existing rear conservatory and erection of a new flat roof single-storey rear extension.

  • 10 Rosslyn Avenue Barnes London SW13 0JX


    Non-material amendment to planning permission 21/0309/HOT - Change of roof to ground floor rear extension from flat to pitched. Change of material finish to roof to ground floor rear extension from single ply membrane to clay tiles.

  • 7 Fitzgerald Road Mortlake London SW14 8HA


    Single storey rear extension (to existing side/rear extension)

  • 113 Mortlake High Street Mortlake London SW14 8HQ


    Installation of 1 sash window and 1 sun pipe. Addition of pairs juliette balconies to two windows. Addition to the roof to join the two existing rear dormers. Dismantling of a chimney stack. Use of roof of ground and first floor rear extensions as a roof terrace and installation of balustrades. Alterations to fenestration. Installation of sustainable drainage and flood defences. Conversion of a house to two one-bedroom flats.

  • 5 - 7 Walpole Avenue Richmond


    Non material amendment to planning approval 19/2042/FUL - The rear extension roof is altered from a pitched to a flat sedum roof with two skylights as per 5 Walpole Avenue. The door on the back of the rear extension is now a single opening containing sliding doors as per 5 Walpole Avenue. The side windows on the proposed extension have been omitted. The position of the approved side window to the house on the ground floor has been amended slightly. The first-floor window on the rear elevation has become a Juliet balcony as per 5 Walpole Avenue. The position of the first-floor skylight has been amended slightly. One of the second-floor windows on the rear elevation will be altered to become smaller. The additional roof-light on the front roof pitch of the property has been omitted.

  • 12 Salisbury Road Richmond TW9 2JB


    Roof extension involving rear dormer extension over rear addition

  • 31 Salisbury Road Richmond TW9 2JB


    Single-storey rear infill extension (5.155m depth 2.5m eaves height 3.453m maximum height).

  • 41 Carlton Road East Sheen London SW14 7RJ


    Hip to gable roof extension, rear dormer and rooflights.

  • 1A Rosedale Road Richmond TW9 2SX


    Change of use of the existing office to create three dwellings

  • 8 Ormonde Road East Sheen London SW14 7BG


    Single storey rear extension; Hip to gable and rear dormer roof extensions with 2 rooflights on front roof slope; Alterations to the front porch; Removal of two chimneys; Alterations to the existing side and rear facade; Addition of a semi-covered pergola within the side access passage.

  • 12 Salisbury Road Richmond TW9 2JB


    Rear dormer roof extension and installation of rooflights

  • 56 Strawberry Hill Road Twickenham TW1 4PY


    Single-storey outbuilding

  • 9 Marsh Farm Road Twickenham TW2 6SH


    Variation of condition U0062286 Approved drawings, of planning permission 19/1051/HOT to allow formation of two modest roof dormers to provide useable headspace whilst being subordinate to and maintaining the host roof hipped design and features.

  • 6 Houblon Road Richmond TW10 6DE


    Details pursuant to condition U0097968 (Details) of planning permisson 21/0290/HOT.

  • 59 Worple Way Richmond TW10 6DG


    Single storey side extension. Two storey and single storey rear extension. Insertion of first floor side elevation windows. Side dormer. Addition of rooflight to front elevation.

  • 22 Halford Road Richmond TW10 6AP


    Demolition of the north east boundary wall attached to the house

  • 16 Sheen Common Drive Richmond TW10 5BN


    Demolition of side/rear extension and erection of two storey side/rear extension. Single storey rear extension. Alterations to main roof with addition of 2no rear dormers and rooflights on side roof slopes. Alterations to front landing window, new and replacement windows and door on side elevation. Erection of new rear boundary treatment.

  • 63 Church Road Richmond TW10 6LX


    New lower ground floor rear doors, alterations to fenestration and openings.

  • 6 Orchard Rise Richmond TW10 5BX


    Part single-storey rear extension, part two-storey rear extension. Proposed side dormers and rear dormer. Replacement timber fenestration, new render and timber cladding.

  • River Thames Visitor Centre Riverside Richmond TW10 6UJ


    Certificate of Lawful Development for ventilation and extraction in use since 11/6/2006, first inspected and documented on the 21/12/2006.

  • 48 The Vineyard Richmond TW10 6AZ


    Removal of 2 roof lights and to be replaced with 3 conservation roof lights on side roof slope

  • Kings House School 66-68 Kings Road Richmond TW10 6ES


    Demolition of a number of existing school buildings; erection of a new two and three story teaching block to include teaching classrooms, music and drama spaces; link between the new teaching block and the existing sports hall which will be extended; internal refurbishment works to existing main school buildings including enlarging the dining hall and library; installation of a sprinkler tank and pump room; reconfigured outdoor playspace; and associated landscape works.

  • 5 Gordon Avenue Twickenham TW1 1NH


    Outrigger loft dormer extension.

  • 12 Heathfield South Twickenham TW2 7SS


    Single-storey timber orangery to replace existing conservatory.

  • Richmond Upon Thames College Langhorn Drive Twickenham TW2 7SJ


    Details pursuant to conditions U0007943 - Ecological Enhancement Measures, U0007950 - Drainage, U0007953 - BREEAM - Very Good - Schools, U0007958 - Energy Statements, U0008044 - Site Wide Energy Statement, U0007960 - Inclusive Access Strategy, U0007965 - Access for disabled people, U0007982 - Air Quality Assessment, U0007980 - Junction details, U0007984 - Ventilation, U0007988 - Mechanical Services - Noise Control, U0008010 - Advanced Infrastructure & Enabling Work, U0008011 - Construction Method Statement/Site Waste, U0008012 - Construction Logistics Plan - TFL, U0008018 - Acoustic Screens, 0008022 - Arborist Method Statement (inc. TPP), 023 - Site Monitoring Procedures and recording, U0008046 - Site Monitoring Procedures and Recording, U0008020 - Trees - Protective Fencing, U0008025 - Details of foundations - piling etc, U0008033 - Potentially Contaminated Sites, U0008034 - Japanese Knotwood, U0008035 - Foundation design - ground gases, U0008039 - Lighting Strategy, U0008040 - Misc Details - Sample Panels, U0008043 - Site Wide Drainage & Surface Water Mangt, 08045 - Arboricultural Method Statement (AMS), U0008046 - Site Monitoring Procedures and Recording, U0008049 - Tree Planting Scheme, U0008050 - Landscape management (Large Scheme), U0008051 - Showers/lockers for cyclists - College, pursuant to planning permission 15/3038/OUT.

  • 92 St Margarets Grove Twickenham TW1 1JG


    Insertion of bi-folding doors to rear elevation and installation of replacement rooflights to infill extension

  • Richmond Upon Thames School Egerton Road Twickenham TW2 7SL


    Proposed single-storey building (entrance pavilion) and external canopy.

  • 58 Park House Gardens Twickenham TW1 2DE


    Hip to gable and rear dormer roof extension. Rooflights to front roofslope. Alterations to side elevation fenestration. Demolition of front boundary walls and driveway paved in permeable paving.

  • 58 Park House Gardens Twickenham TW1 2DE


    Single-storey rear extension (4.5m depth, 2.83m eaves height, 3.1m maximum height).

  • 20 Marble Hill Gardens Twickenham TW1 3AX


    Proposed single-storey rear extension at ground floor with part flat, part pitched roof.

  • 64 Copthall Gardens Twickenham TW1 4HJ


    Ground floor single storey rear side extension to a terraced house.

  • 28 Orleans Road Twickenham TW1 3BL


    Single storey rear extension, alterations to Orleans Road elevation including alterations to fenestration and two conservation rooflights to main body of house.

  • 26 - 30 King Street Twickenham TW1 3SN


    Replacement entrance and shopfront.

  • 26 - 30 King Street Twickenham TW1 3SN


    1 no. externally illuminated fascia, 1 no. fascia panel and 1 no. externally illuminated projecting sign.

  • 26 - 30 King Street Twickenham TW1 3SN


    Installation of plant and satellite equipment.

  • 26 - 30 King Street Twickenham TW1 3SN


    Installation of an ATM with associated light and camera.

  • 31 Riverdale Gardens Twickenham TW1 2BX


    Addition of SPA pool of maximum size of 2.4 metres wide by 3.1 metres length and 1.2 metres depth which will have no above ground profile.

  • 8 First Cross Road Twickenham TW2 5QA


    First-floor rear infill extension.

  • 3 Lisbon Avenue Twickenham TW2 5HR


    Single-storey rear extension

  • 1 River Way Twickenham TW2 5JP


    Double storey side extension, double storey rear extension, garage conversion

  • 27 Old Manor Drive Whitton Isleworth TW7 7NN


    Single-storey side/rear extension

  • Manor Circus Roundabout At Junction Of Manor Road A316 And Sandycombe Road Richmond


    Non-illuminated signs x4.


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