Planning application number: 18/3561/DD02

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Land At Hospital Bridge Road Twickenham TW2 6LH (View Site Plan)



Granted Permission 16/09/2020

Latest: Decision Issued

Level: Delegated Decision



Details pursuant to conditions DV29F (Potentially Contaminated Sites) PART 1 ONLY; NS02 (CMS / CLP); NS06 (Electric vehicle charging points); NS10 (Sustainable drainage system); NS12 (Energy Strategy); NS20 (Japanese knotweed); NS21 (Badger survey) IN RELATION TO SCHOOL SITE ONLY; NS23 (Green roof); NS24 (Green wall); NS26 (Amenity grassland/sports pitches); NS27 (Sports pitches 1); NS32 (Aboricultural method statement); NS33 (Site monitoring procedures); NS45 (Noise and vibration CMS); NS46 (Dust management plan) of planning permission 18/3561/FUL.


Reserved Matters DD Submission 2




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Miss Jessica Knight 1 Park Row Leeds LS1 5HN


James Garside (Expired)

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A decision has been issued by the authority.

A copy of the decision notice will appear in the case file soon, and within a maximum of two weeks.
  • Application Received: 12/05/2020
  • Validated: 12/05/2020
  • Decision Issued: 16/09/2020

Documents and images

DescriptionReferenceDate Published
Green Roof Details FS0316-STL-01-XX-DR-A-4124-C0110 Jul 2020
Planting Plan 1 of 3 FS0316-ALA-00-XX-DR_L-0025 PLANTING PLAN 1 OF 3-P0410 Jul 2020
Planting Plan 2 of 3 FS0316-ALA-00-XX-DR_L-0026 PLANTING PLAN 2 OF 3-P0410 Jul 2020
Planting Plan 3 of 3 FFS0316-ALA-00-XX-DR_L-0027_ PLANTING PLAN 3 OF 3-P0410 Jul 2020
Planting Strategy EFATH-ALA-00-XX-DR-L-0014-P0610 Jul 2020
Revised Arboricultural Method Statement Plan 7938-D - REV B10 Jul 2020
Revised Dust Management plan  10 Jul 2020
Site Setup Plan  07 Aug 2020
Temporary Access Plan  07 Aug 2020
Green Roof Details FS0316-STL-01-XX-DR-A-4124-GREEN ROOF DETAILS-P0407 Sep 2020
Green Roof Diagram FS0316-STL-XX-XX-DR-A-0110-GREEN ROOF DIAGRAM-P0207 Sep 2020
Green Wall Details FS0316-STL-01-XX-DR-A-4111-GREEN WALL DETAILS-P0407 Sep 2020
Planting Plan 1 of 3-P05 FS0316-ALA-00-XX-DR_L-002507 Sep 2020
Planting Plan 2 of 3-P05 FS0316-ALA-00-XX-DR_L-002607 Sep 2020
Planting Plan 3 of 3-P05 FS0316-ALA-00-XX-DR_L-0027_07 Sep 2020