Deceased nameUlic MORDAUNT
Date of Burial 21/06/1933
Age1 Days
Date of death Unknown
LocationRichmond Cemetery

Also in this grave

Deceased detailsDate of BurialGenderAge
Brian David JACKSON 17/10/1932 Male3 Days
STILLBORN Child Of PINNION 28/10/1932 Female0 Years
STILLBORN Child Of SEARLE 18/11/1932 Female0 Years
Margaret GREGG 02/12/1932 Female16 Hours
STILLBORN Child Of BROOKS 22/12/1932 Female0 Years
Neville SIMMS 23/12/1932 Female10 Days
Margaret Patricia FAGGETTER 29/12/1932 Female1 Days
Phillys HARRINGTON 30/12/1932 Female2 Days
STILLBORN Child Of WEBB 12/01/1933 Female0 Years
Jean COLLETT 08/02/1933 Female3 Months
STILLBORN Child Of HALL 16/02/1933 Female0 Years
Pauline Cynthia ARKWRIGHT 22/02/1933 Female5 Months
STILLBORN Child Of FENDINS 24/02/1933 Female0 Years
Female child UNKNOWN 24/02/1933 Female0 Years
STILLBORN Child Of BERRIDGE 06/03/1933 Female0 Years
STILLBORN Child Of BLEWETT 24/05/1933 Female0 Years
John CARPENTER 26/05/1933 Female1 Days
STILLBORN Child Of WILLIAMS 30/05/1933 Female0 Years
Ulic MORDAUNT 21/06/1933 Female1 Days
Female child UNKNOWN 27/06/1933 Female0 Years
Violet May BENNESTER 07/07/1933 Female0 Years
Donald Frederick John GILBERT 14/07/1933 Female2 Years
STILLBORN Child Of CARTER 17/07/1933 Female0 Years
Arthur ALDRIDGE 25/07/1933 Female9 Years
Angela TARBET 27/07/1933 Female0 Years
STILLBORN Child Of PACK 21/08/1933 Female0 Years

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