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Weekly list of applications received in the week ending 24-Dec-2021
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  • 22 Ferry Road Barnes London SW13 9PR


    Alteration to rear elevation to allow for a 'green' flat roof to be installed and new glazing.

  • 18 Verdun Road Barnes London SW13 9AY


    Loft extension comprising hip to gable and rear dormer.

  • 74 Lonsdale Road Barnes London SW13 9JS


    Single storey Lower Ground floor extension Infill Extension to sides of Bay Window. Replacement Double Glazed Timber Sash Windows Critall Doors at Lower Ground Floor Level. Air conditioning unit to roof of existing two storey side extension. Replacement Double Glazed Sash Windows. Construction of bin store in front garden replacement of timber pergola in front garden.

  • 106 Castelnau Barnes London SW13 9EU


    Replacement garden studio building with associated landscaping.

  • 106 Castelnau Barnes London SW13 9EU


    Replacement garden studio building with associated landscaping.

  • 16 Riverview Gardens Barnes London SW13 8QY


    Replacement of single doorway, fixed side panel and two high level windows with double doors and increased window sizes to either side of aforementioned door in the rear facing elevation of 16 Riverview Gardens.

  • 19 Kitson Road Barnes London SW13 9HJ


    Proposed basement extension & front lightwell, single storey rear extension, front dormer, air conditioning unit, new roof light. Replacement windows and door. Rear dormer roof extension.

  • Barnes TWRM Shaft St Pauls School Grounds Lonsdale Road Barnes London


    Erection of a replacement welfare building (Departure Planning Application).

  • 31 East Sheen Avenue East Sheen London SW14 8AR


    Construction of a garden pavilion in the rear garden and a new shed to replace existing.

  • 3 Martindale East Sheen London SW14 7AL


    Alteration of existing dormer, installation of conservation type roof lights, low level boundary wall.

  • 3 Martindale East Sheen London SW14 7AL


    Ground floor rear extension.

  • 41 Temple Sheen Road East Sheen London SW14 7QF


    Conversion of garage to habitable use (utility store into store / office / study / library) to include alterations to fenestration of existing garage

  • 341 Upper Richmond Road West East Sheen London SW14 8QN


    Details pursuant to condition LT09A - Hard and Soft Landscaping Required, and U0080584 - Parking Permit - GRAMPIAN, of planning permission 20/0303/FUL.

  • 154 Palewell Park East Sheen London SW14 8JH


    The construction of an outbuilding containing a gym and sauna. An outdoor swimming pool and a seated area with pergola.

  • 13 Holly Road Hampton Hill TW12 1QF


    Rear dormer and outrigger roof extension.

  • 17 Seymour Road Hampton Hill TW12 1DD


    Non material amendment to planning approval 20/1387/HOT to allow for: change one of the proposed extension windows to a glass door without amending the width of the wall opening that was granted permission; Timber steps to access side garden to sit on existing paved patio.

  • 12 Gloucester Road Teddington TW11 0NU


    Single storey rear extension.

  • 12 Gloucester Road Teddington TW11 0NU


    Proposed change to existing roof dormer and addition of dormer over outrigger.

  • 13 Gloucester Road Teddington TW11 0NS


    Erection of single storey storey and two storey rear extensions and roof extensions.

  • 45 Blandford Road Teddington TW11 0LG


    Rear ground and first floor extensions. Alterations to windows/doors.

  • 45 Blandford Road Teddington TW11 0LG


    Roof extensions to side and rear of property . Single storey side extension.

  • 1 Wilcox Road Teddington TW11 0SW


    Single storey infill extension and alterations to existing rear extension. Re-render to existing elevations of property. New windows throughout.

  • 52 Ryecroft Avenue Twickenham TW2 6HR


    Loft conversion with a hip to gable roof change and a new rear dormer.

  • 43 Strathearn Avenue Twickenham TW2 6JT


    Installation of 2 Air Conditioning Inverter Units

  • Land To The Northeast Of Simpson Road Whitton


    Variation of condition U0078899 (Approved Documents and Drawings) of planning permission: 19/2765/FUL dated 18.03.2020. Amendments are sought to the proposed photovoltaic (PV) panels involving relocation of the panels on houses 1 to 4 (the 'Ilke' homes units) from the front to the rear elevation of the houses.

  • 1 Coombe Crescent Hampton TW12 3PD


    Proposed rear dormer loft conversion with two roof lights to the front roof slope and one roof light to the side. Single storey rear extension.

  • 25 Kingswood Avenue Hampton TW12 3AU


    Replace existing conservatory with new conservatory.

  • 5 Ashfield Close Petersham Richmond TW10 7AF


    First floor front extension and replacement front door. Replacement single-storey side extension. Replacement two-storey side extension. Single-storey side/rear extension and raised patio to rear. Alterations to external facing materials. Replace existing upvc windows and roof tiles. Alterations to front boundary fence and associated hard and soft landscaping.

  • 8 Sandy Lane Petersham Richmond TW10 7EN


    Variation of Condition Number(s): U0100595 (Approved drawings) of Application Reference 21/0438/VRC to allow for the following: - insertion of rear dormer roof extension

  • 46 Mead Road Ham Richmond TW10 7LG


    Proposed single storey rear extension, front porch, double storey side extension with a hipped roof and hip to gable roof extension.

  • 5 Lancaster Cottages Richmond TW10 6AE


    Solar panels to be be fixed to roof. 9 panels in total (6 at the front roof and 3 at rear roof)

  • 2A Oldfield Road Hampton TW12 2AE


    New first floor rear terrace with associated obscure-glazed balustrade. Revised door and window openings from first floor extension approved under applicaiton ref. 21/1385/FUL.

  • 38 Lawrence Road Hampton TW12 2RJ


    Single storey rear extension.

  • 12 Garside Close Hampton TW12 3AN


    Proposed part two storey part single storey rear extension, garage conversion and single storey front extension.

  • 26 Cardinals Walk Hampton TW12 2TS


    Rear dormer roof extension. Rooflights to front elevation

  • 2 Mount Mews Hampton TW12 2SH


    Installation of three aluminium double glazed obscure glass powder coated windows to the rear of the property at ground and first floor levels.

  • 14 Broom Water West Teddington TW11 9QH


    Details pursuant to condition U0111993 - Detailed Drawings of Windows and Doors, of planning permission 21/1468/HOT.

  • 149 Fairfax Road Teddington TW11 9BU


    Re-roof existing roof with natural slates. Two new dormers to front roof slope.

  • 1 River Reach Teddington TW11 9QL


    The use is a self contained dwelling house (Use Class C3).

  • 1D Becketts Place Hampton Wick KT1 4EW


    To allow for the development to be built out in two stages - please see covering letter for additional information

  • 24 Kew Gardens Road Kew Richmond TW9 3HD


    Ground floor side extension, increasing the width of the garage. First floor side extension above garage. Single storey rear extension, raised terrace and changes to bay window to dining room and bedroom above.

  • 42 Burlington Avenue Kew Richmond TW9 4DH


    Single storey rear extension, rear hip-to-gable roof extension, side dormer extension, rooflights, new and replacement fenestration. Cycle and refuse stores in front garden. External wall insulation to side and rear.

  • 217 Sandycombe Road Richmond TW9 2EW


    Single storey front extension

  • 12 Whitcome Mews Kew Richmond TW9 4BT


    Single storey rear extension

  • 86 Cleveland Gardens Barnes London SW13 0AH


    Re-construction of existing extension. Removal of ground floor existing flat roof & mono-pitch roof. New pitched roof to be built. New skylights. New bi-fold doors. Lightwell to be removed.

  • 27 Woodlands Road Barnes London SW13 0JZ


    Conversion/rebuilding of garage; Replacement side dormer; Replacement existing side dormer windows in existing structural opening; Infill between the existing dormers at rear; Removal of roof tank; Rooflights on main roof; Rear fenestration alterations

  • 10 Limes Avenue Barnes London SW13 0HF


    Ground floor side/rear wraparound extension. First and second floor side extension. Hip to gable side extension. Rear dormer extension. Replacement fenestration. Installation of two rooflights.

  • 53 Grosvenor Avenue East Sheen London SW14 8BU


    Remodelling of rear extension.

  • 30 Ranelagh Avenue Barnes London SW13 0BN


    Formation of new basement storey below footprint of existing property together with new lightwells on front and rear elevations.

  • 109 Mortlake High Street Mortlake London SW14 8HQ


    Demolition of a rear lower ground floor extension and construction of a part three part single storey rear extension with 2 x dormer roof extensions to the rear. Roof-lights to the front roof, new staircase access to front light-well. Removal and replacement of existing uPVC windows with new timber sash windows to match.

  • 35 Eleanor Grove Barnes London SW13 0JN


    Demolition of rear balcony. Erection of part three, part two storey side/rear extension comprising of new extension in basement area, excavation to reduce part of garden to basement floor level and associated hard and soft landscaping

  • 175 Manor Grove Richmond TW9 4QJ


    Single storey rear extension

  • 47 Kingsway Mortlake London SW14 7HL


    Single-storey rear extension (5.6m depth, 2.32m eaves height, 3.63m overall height).

  • 109 Lower Mortlake Road Richmond TW9 2LW


    Proposed rear dormer roof extension to main roof and roof to outrigger

  • 8 Burdenshott Avenue Richmond TW10 5ED


    Single storey rear extension with the depth of 3 m, maximum height of 4 m and eaves height of 3 m.

  • 4 Whittaker Avenue Richmond TW9 1EH


    Installation of 8 internally illuminated canopies with 'SCOTTS' lettering and one menu board sign.

  • 20 Montague Road Richmond TW10 6QW


    Details pursuant to conditions U0115030 (Arboricultural Method Statement ); U0115031 (Site Monitoring) (IN PART); U0115032 (Tree Planting Scheme) (IN PART); U0115035 (Ecological Enhancements); U0115046 (Soft Landscaping) of planning permission 21/3558/VRC.

  • 5 Foxton Mews Richmond TW10 6BS


    Details pursuant to condition DV49 - Construction Method Statement, of planning permission 20/0787/FUL.

  • St Elizabeths Rc Church The Vineyard Richmond TW10 6AQ


    Details pursuant to condition U0107098 (A photographic record of the Heritage Asset to be lost) and condition U0107096 (External Schedule of Works) (IN PART) of planning permission 21/2148/FUL.

  • 39 Berwyn Road Richmond TW10 5BU


    Two storey side extension (to the rear), single storey rear extension and replacement windows at first floor level to the rear

  • 7 Marlborough Road Richmond TW10 6JT


    Replacement of upper ground floor side facade casement window UG-W3 and second floor front facade casement window 2-W3 with new timber framed heritage sash windows, double glazed.

  • 11 Old Palace Lane Richmond TW9 1PG


    Details pursuant to condition U0078764 - Construction Method, of listed building consent 20/0354/LBC.

  • 86 Church Road Richmond TW10 6LW


    Proposed demolition of existing rear conservatory. Proposed single storey rear and side extension. Proposed blocking in of upper ground floor rear external door and addition of new timber sliding sash window.

  • 12 Marlborough Road Richmond


    Replacement front boundary wall with new metal gates and new bin enclosure

  • 224 London Road Twickenham TW1 1EU


    Details pursuant to condition DV49 - Construction Method Statement, PK06A - Cycle parking, and DV18A - Refuse arrangements, of planning permission 21/3676/GPD26.

  • 77 Haliburton Road Twickenham TW1 1PD


    L-shape rear dormer roof extensions. Rooflights to front elevation.

  • 77 Haliburton Road Twickenham TW1 1PD


    Remove existing sloping roof and replace with new A framed roof

  • Twickenham Rugby Football Union Stadium 200 Whitton Road Twickenham TW2 7BA


    Display of 2 nos. artwork mural advertisements to Lift Shafts 2&3 of the West Stand at Twickenham Stadium

  • 117 London Road Twickenham TW1 1EE


    Removal of restaurant signage, replacement of existing windows and doors, alterations to rear wall, metal railings at the first floor front of the property, replacement of rear building roofs, replacement of existing skylight, installation of 3 new skylights, enlargement of an existing rear dormer and a new rear dormer (in slate to match existing) at first-floor level.

  • 54 George Street Richmond TW9 1HJ


    Construction of a mansard at roof level to faciltate the creation of 4 no. residential units. New doors on ground floor to facilitate provision of associated refuse store. Part change of use of basement from Commercial to C3 (Residential) to facilitate provision of cycle store.

  • 8 Cresswell Road Twickenham TW1 2DZ


    New ground floor rear and side extension, and changes to first floor rear windows. Corbelling of chimney to accommodate the above

  • 25 Marble Hill Gardens Twickenham TW1 3AU


    Single storey rear extension

  • 38 Meadway Twickenham TW2 6PQ


    Erection of garden outbuilding. Erection of porch to front elevation.

  • 38 Meadway Twickenham TW2 6PQ


    Erection of single storey rear extension

  • 36 Hospital Bridge Road Twickenham TW2 5UJ


    Proposed dropped kerb.

  • 8 Augusta Road Twickenham TW2 5HW


    Part single, part double storey side, rear and front extension, hipped to gable roof extension including rear dormer, three roof lights and front porch.

  • 59 Fulwell Park Avenue Twickenham TW2 5HF


    Removal of existing conservatory and enlarge existing opening to the rear of the property



    Demolition of the existing buildings and erection of five blocks ranging from one to eight storeys, to provide 209 residential units (Use Class C3) together with 1,190sq.m of floorspace at ground floor level, comprising; up to 1,190sq.m (Use Class E); at least 186sq.m (Convenience Store - Use Class E(a)); up to 176sq.m (Hot Food Takeaway - Sui Generis), with associated hard and soft landscaping, parking and servicing, cycle and refuse stores, boundary treatments and other associated works.

  • 17 Hartington Road Chiswick W4


    Conversion of building to single dwellinghouse, demolition of existing extensions and garage, erection of a single storey rear extension and outbuilding, alterations to the driveway and front garden. Erection of four houses at rear of site with associated alterations, parking and landscaping (updated plans and supporting documents received 08/11/2021)

  • 179 - 181 High Street Hampton Hill


    Removal of condition U0048150 (Tree Planting Scheme) of planning permission 16/2288/FUL dated 11.10.2017 due to not many readily available opportunities for replanting of trees.


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