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  • 31 Parke Road Barnes London SW13 9NJ


    The change of the front elevation material from off-white render to brick slips.

  • 72 Castelnau Barnes London SW13 9EX


    Details pursuant to conditions U0107544 - Details of Ecological Enhancement, and U0107547 - Tree Planting Scheme, pursuant to planning permission 21/1846/FUL.

  • 79 Lyric Road Barnes London SW13 9QA


    Ground floor side infill extension.

  • 54 Lonsdale Road Barnes London SW13 9JS


    Demolition of the front boundary wall and removal of pedestrian gate to create a vehicle crossover to facilitate forecourt parking.

  • 88 Wyatt Drive Barnes London SW13 8AB


    Replacement of four windows; Replacement of two doors; Removal of 1 window.

  • 17 Bellevue Road Barnes London SW13 0BJ


    Refurbishment/ repair of 13 windows. Replacement of 2 non-original windows.

  • 108 Castelnau Barnes London SW13 9EU


    To change the wording of condition U0064638 Materials on Listed building consent 19/1200/LBC from "Prior to the commencement of the development hereby approved..." to to "Prior to commencement of the relevant part of the works..."

  • 61 Vicarage Road East Sheen London SW14 8RY


    Demolition of an existing single-storey rear extension and erection of a single storey side/rear extension.

  • 195 Upper Richmond Road West East Sheen London SW14 8QT


    Details pursuant to conditions U0089953 - NS19 Cycle Parking - Residential, and U0089954 - Refuse arrangements - Residential, of planning permission 20/0256/FUL.

  • 2 Martindale East Sheen London SW14 7AL


    New front boundary wall topped with fence with new sliding gate and brick pillars to replace existing fence

  • 2 Sheen Wood East Sheen London SW14 7AG


    A part two / part single storey side and rear extensions; replacement roof including raised ridge; rear dormer window and rooflights; front porch; and, replacement windows throughout.

  • Oxford House 169 Upper Richmond Road West East Sheen London SW14 8EB


    Details pursuant to condition U0104461 - Refuse and Recycling Storage, U0104465 - Noise Management Plan, U0104466 - Fencing, U0104475 - Potentially Contaminated Sites, U0104462 - Parking permits, U0104463 - Parking Bay Modification and (PART OF) U0104459 - Travel Plan, of planning permission 21/1380/GPD20.

  • 20 Vicarage Road East Sheen London SW14 8RU


    Hip to gable roof extensions to both side elevations, with rear dormer roof extension. Roof lights to the front elevation.

  • Land Rear Of 2 Sunbury Avenue East Sheen London


    Reserved matters seeking consent for the access, appearance, landscaping, layout and scale of the proposed house, pursuant to outline planning permission 20/3164/OUT.

  • 2 Martindale East Sheen London SW14 7AL


    Non material amendment to planning permission 21/1389/HOT to allow amendments to fenestration and glazing on rear extension; removal of green roofs and amendments to materials of outbuilding. In detail: 1) Alteration from circle window to rectangular window on front elevation, 2) Replacement of side doors with glazed doors, 3) Amendments to glazing on rear extension with removal of glazing panel, 4) Change of outbuilding from brick to painted render and brick, 5) Amendments to glazing in outbuilding, 6) Window in dormer added, 7) First floor window enlarged on rear elevation, 8) Removal of green roofs and replacement with slate chips over the glass reinforced fibre to retain a natural aspect.

  • 31 East Sheen Avenue East Sheen London SW14 8AR


    Erection of a summer house in the rear garden and new shed to replace existing.

  • 42 Christchurch Road East Sheen London SW14 7AF


    Relocation of the existing externally illuminated post mounted sign

  • 1 Wilcox Road Teddington TW11 0SW


    Proposed construction of new porch and hip to gable and rear dormer roof extensions. Rooflights to front elevation

  • 121 - 123 Fulwell Road Teddington


    Joint planning application for the proposed extension comprising a single storey rear and side extension to No. 121 and 123 Fulwell Road.

  • 65 Stanley Road Teddington TW11 8UB


    Loft conversion with rear dormer

  • 18 Lindsay Road Hampton Hill TW12 1DR


    Garage conversion. Change of the garage door to window

  • 1 Royal Road Teddington TW11 0SD


    Single storey rear extension 4m in depth, 3m in height and 3m in height to eaves.

  • 3 - 4 New Broadway Hampton Hill


    Demolition of existing garage and construction of single storey rear extensions to accommodate two new (1B1P) self-contained dwellings.

  • 250 Lyndhurst Avenue Twickenham TW2 6BP


    Hip to gable and rear dormer roof extension. high level slot window to roof to front elevation.

  • 250 Lyndhurst Avenue Twickenham TW2 6BP


    Single Storey Rear Extension (6.00m depth, 2.72m eaves height, 2.92m overall height)

  • 59 Strathearn Avenue Twickenham TW2 6JT


    Hip to gable and rear dormer roof extension.

  • 44 Heathside Whitton Hounslow TW4 5NN


    Modifications to roof including raising overall height by 400mm, erection of dormers and insertion of rooflights

  • 9 Cheyne Avenue Twickenham TW2 6AN


    Construction of a two storey, two bedroom, 3 bed space attached dwelling house with associated provision of refuse/parking/cycle storage, and amenity space; host dwelling roof conversion from hip to gable, incorporating proposed rear dormer and 1st floor rear fenestration changes.

  • 24 Oak Avenue Hampton TW12 3NX


    single storey side extension

  • 5 Monmouth Avenue Hampton Wick Kingston Upon Thames KT1 4HR


    Erection of a new dwellinghouse with associated parking and landscaping following the demolition of the existing house.

  • The Old Kings Head Hampton Court Road Hampton Wick Kingston Upon Thames KT1 4AE


    Change of use of ground floor and basement of the former Old Kings Head public house to a Mixed Use Community Cycle Hub comprising Café (Use Class E(b)), Training Area (Use Class F2(b)) and Treatment Room/Medical (Use Class E(e)) and 1No. 1-bedroom apartment. Alterations and conversion of the first and second floors to replace existing staff accommodation with 3No. 2-bedroom apartments. External Alterations to include the replacement of French doors with balconies and a roof terrace on the first floor western and southern elevations, the installation of 2 no. conservation-style rooflights on the southern and western roof slopes and a bike enclosure to the rear at ground floor.

  • 32 Park Road Hampton Wick Kingston Upon Thames KT1 4AS


    Single storey rear extension and alterations to basement.

  • Part Basement 2A Langdon Park Teddington TW11 9PS


    Change of use to include F1 education class use to existing class usage.

  • Winkleigh Old Farm Road Hampton TW12 3QT


    Single storey side extension, roof extension with dormer windows, change in fenestration.

  • 55B Lock Road Ham Richmond TW10 7LQ


    Conversion of garage into a habitable room with a double-glazed window

  • 3 Ashfield Close Petersham Richmond TW10 7AF


    Removal of double garage and installation of a two storey front extension with single garage. Removal of flat roof to existing extension and replacement with pitched roof.

  • 4 The Terrace 140 Richmond Hill Richmond TW10 6RN


    Details pursuant to condition BD12 - Details - Materials to be approved, of planning permission 21/3316/LBC.

  • 3 Russell Gardens Ham Richmond TW10 7QE


    Single storey rear extension 3.78m in depth, 3.15m in height and 3.00m in height to eaves.

  • 5 Lancaster Cottages Richmond TW10 6AE


    3x replacement double glazed windows

  • Richmond Golf Club Sudbrook Lane Petersham Richmond TW10 7AS


    Amendment to planning permission 17/2371/FUL seeking an amendment to Condition U32768 - Temporary permission for 4 years from commencement seeking retention of 3 no. 15M tall, 12 m wide ball stop net for further 8 year period until January 2030.

  • 26 Cardinals Walk Hampton TW12 2TS


    Part single, part two-story rear extension and pitch roof to existing two-storey side extension.

  • 3 Mount Mews Hampton TW12 2SH


    Change of use from commercial office building in to 5 x 1 bedroom flats

  • Parkfield Barge Walk Hampton Wick Kingston Upon Thames KT1 4AB


    Installation of Swimming Pool

  • 10 Langwood Chase Teddington TW11 9PH



  • 105 Munster Road Teddington TW11 9LS


    Demolition of existing conservatory and erection of a single storey rear extension and porch.

  • 26 Atbara Road Teddington TW11 9PD


    L - Shaped rear dormer roof extension. New rooflight to front roofslope. Removal of rear chimney stack (amended description).

  • 104 Kingston Road Teddington TW11 9HY


    Extension of existing dormer at rear.

  • 8 Atbara Road Teddington TW11 9PD


    Single storey rear extension 5.30m in depth, 3.05m in height and 2.85m in height to eaves.

  • 104 Atbara Road Teddington TW11 9PD


    Single-storey rear and side extension. New rooflights, enlarged 2nd floor rear windows/doors

  • 2 Station Parade Kew Richmond TW9 3PZ


    Replacement shopfront

  • 308 Sandycombe Road Richmond TW9 3NG


    Replacement shopfront

  • 7 Greenlink Walk Richmond TW9 4AF


    Erection of single storey rear extension, relocation of spiral staircase and associated alterations to balcony. Part conversion of existing garage to habitable floorspace. Alterations to materials and windows at ground floor on rear elevation. Retention of existing AC Unit and provision of one additional AC Unit. Installation of 3 sunpipes.

  • Ground Floor And Maisonette First And Second Floors 242 Sandycombe Road Richmond TW9 3NP


    Installation of a fibreglass platform to facilitate the installation of an air conditioning unit on under first floor rear window.

  • Sandycombe Centre 1 - 9 Sandycombe Road Richmond


    Non -material amendment to planning permission 16/4890/FUL - vary condition U0029641 (Approved Plans) to allow for the amended siting/design of cycle store.

  • 25 Leyborne Park Kew Richmond TW9 3HB


    Proposed dropped kerb and associated alterations to form a drive

  • Units 1A To 1C 159 Mortlake Road Kew Richmond TW9 4AW


    Change of use of no more than 500sqm of ground floor level from Use Class B8 (storage and distribution) to Use Class E sub-paragraph (g) (business uses) before 31 July 2022

  • 40 Glebe Road Barnes London SW13 0EA


    T1 Apple (x1) - Fell to ground level. Reason: Property is being extended and tree is within the footprint. T2 Prunus spp. (x1) - Reduce height by 2-3m and width by 1-1.5m. Final height to be approximately 6m and width to be approximately 4m. Reason: General maintenance. To maintain the tree at a smaller size.

  • 79 North Worple Way Mortlake London SW14 8PP


    Demolition of existing rear extension and erection of single storey rear extension. Demolition of chimney stack stub and repair of slate roof to front bay.

  • 11 Leconfield Avenue Barnes London SW13 0LD


    Single storey rear extension 6m in depth, 3.2m in height and 3m in height to eaves.

  • Unit H 42 Upper Richmond Road West East Sheen London SW14 8DD


    Change of use and conversion of Unit H from Use Class E office to Use Class C3 dwelling house, with ground level car and cycle parking and refuse storage.

  • 26 Hillersdon Avenue Barnes London SW13 0EF


    Replacement of existing rear conservatory with oak framed orangery.

  • 34 White Hart Lane Barnes London SW13 0PY


    Replacement windows on shopfront

  • 47 Carlton Road East Sheen London SW14 7RJ


    Single-storey rear infill extension. Hip to gable and rear dormer roof extensions.

  • 26 Kilmorey Gardens Twickenham TW1 1PY


    Erection of single storey rear extension and proposed outbuilding along with new roof lantern and external fenestration changes to existing house. (Part retrospective and resubmission of application ref. 21-3490-HOT)

  • 58D Cole Park Road Twickenham TW1 1HS


    Single storey rear extension. New front door, change of use of garage to habitable space including new window to replace existing garage door, replacement windows (amended).

  • 7 Clive Road Twickenham TW1 4SQ


    Proposed Rear Extension and Front Front Porch Extension with Alterations.

  • The White House 1 Grange Avenue Twickenham TW2 5TW


    Ground floor rear and side extension

  • 19 Mereway Road Twickenham TW2 6RF


    Proposed first floor rear extension and replacement windows to ground floor rear extension (amended description).

  • 2A Wellesley Crescent Twickenham TW2 5RT


    Single storey rear extension 3.45m in depth, 3.2m in height and 3.2m in height to eaves.

  • 14 Radnor Gardens Twickenham TW1 4NA


    Single storey rear infill extension

  • 48 Sheen Park Richmond TW9 1UW


    Part two part single storey rear extension.

  • 21 Floyer Close Richmond TW10 6HS


    Insertion of 3 skylights and 2 sun tunnels into the existing roof of a detached property.

  • 30 Ailsa Avenue Twickenham TW1 1NG


    Single storey rear extension (3.50m depth, 2.70m eaves height, 3.91m overall height)

  • 49 Newry Road Twickenham TW1 1PJ


    Single storey wrap around extension

  • 5 Sidney Road Twickenham TW1 1JP


    Single storey rear extension 4.7m in depth, 3.85m in height and 3m in height to eaves.

  • The Old Stable 1 Bridle Lane Twickenham TW1 3EG


    Variation of condition U0110052 -Approved Drawings and Documents attached to planning permission ref: 21/0406/FUL dated 23/09/2021 to allow a variation to the roof to include a terrace and railings.

  • 24 Hartington Road Twickenham TW1 3EN


    Rear double storey extension.

  • 92 Sandy Lane Teddington TW11 0DF


    Construction of new detached family home following demolition of existing detached bungalow.

  • Land Rear Of 189 To 207 And 189 Waldegrave Road Teddington


    Change of use and alterations to no.189 Waldegrave Road to create one ground floor commercial unit and 3 no. one-bedroom residential apartments; creation of a disabled car parking space on the Waldegrave Road frontage; demolition of all existing buildings at the rear of no. 189-207 Waldegrave Road and the erection of two residential blocks (one two-storey and a part two-, part three-storey building) comprising 15 no. residential apartments (8 x onebedroom and 7 x two-bedroom); erection of cycle storage and recycling structure; landscaping.

  • 24 Park Road Teddington TW11 0AQ


    Replacement of one leaded window and two wooden windows.

  • 55 North Lane Teddington TW11 0HU


    Loft conversion including the installation of two roof windows into the pitched roof of the front elevation and the addition of an l-shaped dormer at the rear.

  • Informer House 2 High Street Teddington


    Details pursuant to condition U0045639 - Ecological Enhancement, of planning permission 18/0718/VRC.

  • 2 Bridgeman Road Teddington TW11 9AH


    Dormer roof extension to existing dormers, new rooflight to front roof. New facade treatment to rear extension. Replacement windows and fenestration alterations and elevation/roof refurbishment.

  • 8 St Albans Gardens Teddington TW11 8AE


    Variation of conditions U0096354 (Approved Drawings) of planning permission ref: 20/3144/FUL dated: 02/03/2021 to allow for revisions to the scheme including alterations to window designs; exterior materials; alterations to outbuilding, rear extension and courtyard, interior layout and landscaping.

  • Westward Cambridge Park Twickenham TW1 2PF


    Demolition of existing side extension forming annexe. Construction of proposed side extension to provide separate self contained unit. Replacement/new windows and doors and rooflights. Front dormer roof extensions.

  • 28 - 30 Queens Road Twickenham


    Lower ground and ground floor extension to Nos. 28 and 30. Second floor extension to No. 30. Rear dormers and rooflights to side roofslopes to No. 28 and 30.

  • 116A Amyand Park Road Twickenham TW1 3HP


    Demolition of existing buildings. Erection of 2 x 2 storey with accommodation in the roof semi-detached houses with associated landscaping, parking, and refuse/cycle storage

  • 83 Fifth Cross Road Twickenham TW2 5LJ


    Single Storey Rear Extension (6.00m depth, 2.80m eaves height, 4.00m overall height)

  • 36 Wiltshire Gardens Twickenham TW2 6ND


    Conversion of an existing garage, into a combined store and garden studio building.

  • 87 Lisbon Avenue Twickenham TW2 5HL


    Loft conversion comprising two front skylights and rear dormer.

  • 59 Fulwell Park Avenue Twickenham TW2 5HF


    New Front Porch

  • 34 Hazel Close Twickenham TW2 7NR


    Two storey rear extension

  • 51 Bridge Way Twickenham TW2 7JL


    Single storey rear extension 4.5m in depth, 3m in height and 3m in height to eaves.

  • 119 Warren Road Twickenham TW2 7DJ


    The erection of an outbuilding to be used as a gym/tv room/home office

  • 28 The Island Thames Ditton Surrey KT7 0SH


    Detached two-storey house following demolition of existing house.


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