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  • 56 Madrid Road Barnes London SW13 9PG


    PART DISCHARGE ONLY Details pursuant to conditions U0108913 - Arboricultural Method Statement U0108914 - Tree Planting Scheme (IN PART - sections 1: A, B & C ONLY); U0108915 - Proposed Hard & Soft Landscaping Plan (REFUSED) of planning permission 21/2583/HOT.

  • 2 Westmoreland Road Barnes London SW13 9RY


    Garden outbuilding with storeroom, for incidental use.

  • Richmond Park (Wall To Rear Of 15-17 Pallister Terrace And 102-114 Roehampton Vale) Kingston Upon Thames


    Roehampton Vale extending Northwards from Chohole Gate towards Beverley Brook - Rebuilding of the collapsed and loose sections of the plinth. Partial dismantling and rebuilding of a further 25- 30 linear metres of the top of the plinth. Rebuilding the top of the wall.

  • 58 East Sheen Avenue East Sheen London SW14 8AU


    Erection of ground floor rear extension, conservation area roof lights to rear and front roof slopes and new side access door.

  • 16 Hertford Avenue East Sheen London SW14 8EE


    Redevelopment and enlargement of an existing single storey side extension

  • 8 Coval Gardens East Sheen London SW14 7DG


    Single storey rear extension (5.10m depth, 3.00m eaves height, 4.00m overall height)

  • Flat 3 Sheen Garden House Upper Richmond Road West East Sheen London SW14 7PA


    Rear dormer and rooflights to front roofslope.

  • 255 Sheen Lane East Sheen London SW14 8RN


    Part single part double storey rear/side extension, first floor rear/side extension; porch infill extension; raise ridge of roof; 5no. rooflights; fenestration alterations; front boundary alterations

  • 15 Park Road Hampton Hill TW12 1HE


    Single storey rear and side wrap around extension.

  • 37 Redfern Avenue Whitton Hounslow TW4 5NA


    Formation of vehicular crossover and hardstanding for car.

  • 53 Mill Farm Crescent Whitton Hounslow TW4 5PF


    Single Storey Rear Extension (4.70m depth, 2.80m eaves height, 3.30m overall height)

  • 24 Birchwood Grove Hampton TW12 3DU


    Upward extension of one additional storey. The proposal includes a 1.5m increase in ridge height (from 7.56m to 9.06m).

  • 32 Park Road Hampton Wick Kingston Upon Thames KT1 4AS


    Loft conversion with 1no side dormer

  • Cornerways Bute Avenue Petersham Richmond TW10 7AX


    Creation of dormer roof extension at first floor level to North-West facing elevation

  • 55B Lock Road Ham Richmond TW10 7LQ


    Rear dormer roof extension and front rooflights

  • 3 Garside Close Hampton TW12 3AN


    A single storey rear extension and fenestrations.

  • Gate House (Former Park Police) Hampton Court Gate Hampton Court Road Hampton


    Details pursuant to condition U0110091 - Hard and Soft Landscaping Works, U0110093 - Biodiversity Net Gain, and U0110094 - Arboricultural Method Statement, of planning permission 19/2665/FUL.

  • 26 Cambridge Road Hampton TW12 2JL


    Single storey rear extension (4.00m depth, 2.80m eaves height,3.885 m overall height)

  • 2 Broom Water West Teddington TW11 9QH


    Demolish side garage to create new single storey side garage extension

  • 27 Taylor Avenue Kew Richmond TW9 4EB


    single storey rear extension (8.00m depth, 2.46m eaves height, 3.00m overall height)

  • 76 Burlington Avenue Kew Richmond TW9 4DH


    Demolition of existing rear additions and erection of a single storey rear extension.

  • 22 Pensford Avenue Richmond TW9 4HP


    Rear single storey extension to detached residential property with demolition of associated conservatory

  • The Coach House 273A Sandycombe Road Richmond TW9 3LU


    Mansard extension and erection of 3no. rear facing dormer windows to facilitate the extension of an existing duplex flat.

  • 77 North Road Kew Richmond TW9 4HQ


    Part two storey side/front and rear extensions including roof extensions, alterations to facing materials, alterations to vehicular access and pedestrian access, London provision of cycle storage, buggy storage, and refuse storage to facilitate the change of use of doctor's surgery to Class E(f) a day nursery.

  • Flat 1 Brooklyn Lodge Mill Hill Barnes London SW13 0HS


    Demolition of external concrete steps and their reformation in a slightly different location. Formation of new window opening and the removal of an existing pair of timber patio doors and timber side windows with the formation of an enclosed patio space.

  • 115 White Hart Lane Barnes London SW13 0JL


    Details pursuant to condition U0071537 Cycle Parking; U0071538 Refuse arrangements

  • The China Chef 78 White Hart Lane Barnes London SW13 0PZ


    Details pursuant to condition U0085316 NS19 Cycle Parking - Residential, U0085317 Refuse arrangements - Residential, U0085318 Refuse arrangements - Commercial of planning permission 19/2729/FUL

  • Falkner House Mill Hill Road Barnes London SW13 0HR


    Alterations and extensions to existing house to include single storey extension, new roof profile at first floor level and new window openings.

  • 31 Strawberry Hill Road Twickenham TW1 4PZ


    Formation of new vehicular crossover and dropped kerb

  • 10 Bonser Road Twickenham TW1 4RG


    Proposed single storey rear extension

  • Canham House 17 Heath Road Twickenham TW1 4AW


    Erection of a roof extension comprising one additional storey to the existing 3 storey building. The proposed additional storey would create 4 additional residential units, comprising 1 x 2 bed, 3-person unit, 2 x 1 bed, 2-person units and 1 studio unit.

  • 42 Popes Grove Twickenham TW1 4JY


    Single storey rear extension to replace conservatory (5.40m depth, 3.15m eaves height, 4.00m overall height).

  • 27A - 27B The Quadrant Richmond


    Details pursuant to condition U0097025 - Plant Detail, of planning permission 21/0068/FUL.

  • 10 King Street Richmond TW9 1ND


    Change of use of the upper floors to create 1 x self-contained maisonette. Part change of use of ground floor from shop to C3 residential use. Two storey rear extension at first and second floors.

  • 28 George Street Richmond TW9 1HY


    Replacement externally illuminated fascia signage, LED strip fascia lighting. New awning. Lettering on glazed panels.

  • 309 St Margarets Road Twickenham TW1 1PN


    Erection of a single-storey side and rear extension

  • 1 Castle Yard Richmond TW10 6TF


    Two-storey roof extension with terraces to accommodate additional commercial floorspace (Class E), plant enclosure, remodelled entrance with ramp, associated refuse and cycle storage and hard and soft landscaping

  • Car Park Adjacent Elfin Works Elfin Grove Teddington


    26-space sui generis private car park

  • 23 Grove Terrace Teddington TW11 8AU


    Singley storey rear extension following demolition of conservatory.

  • 3 Sion Road Twickenham TW1 3DR


    Alterations to boathouse outbuilding comprising replacement gables and roof with rooflights, widening door opening, two new side windows

  • 3 Sion Road Twickenham TW1 3DR


    Alterations to boathouse outbuilding comprising replacement gables and roof with rooflights, widening door opening, two new side windows.

  • 8 Cresswell Road Twickenham TW1 2DZ


    Roof extension, including raising the front and rear ridges, infill of butterfly roof slopes and associated raising of parapet, erection of rear dormer extension, side facing windows, and demolition of chimney stack to accommodate.

  • Sion Court Sion Road Twickenham TW1 3DD


    Demolition of 20 derelict garages and one bed flat and redevelopment of the site to provide two, two bed flats and three, two bed houses, associated private amenity space, communal amenity space, accessible parking space, cycle parking and refuse.

  • 73 Park Crescent Twickenham TW2 6NS


    Loft conversion including the installation of two roof windows into the pitched roof of the rear elevation and the installation of three sun tiles at the front.

  • Schurlock Place 9 - 23 Third Cross Road Twickenham TW2 5FP


    Details pursuant to conditions U0081534 - refuse/recycling arrangements and U008157 - details of cycle parking facilities

  • Schurlock Place 9 - 23 Third Cross Road Twickenham TW2 5FP


    Details pursuant to condition U0081523 - green roofs, U81531 - Hard and Soft Landscaping Required, of planning permission 19/2860/FUL.

  • 10 Staines Road Twickenham TW2 5AH


    Change of use of the ground floor from a retail (Class E) to a retail/dog grooming parlour (sui generis)

  • 18 Mayfair Avenue Twickenham TW2 7JG


    Hip to gable and Rear dormer loft conversion including three roof lights in the front roof slope.

  • 18 Mayfair Avenue Twickenham TW2 7JG


    Single storey rear extension

  • 105 Hall Farm Drive Twickenham TW2 7PG


    Proposed outbuilding

  • 105 Hall Farm Drive Twickenham TW2 7PG


    single-storey rear extension


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