Major developments

A major application is any of the following:

  • a residential development of 10 or more homes
  • a residential development on a site of at least 0.5 hectares
  • creation or change of use of a commercial development, where the floorspace is 1,000 square metres or more
  • a non-residential development on a site of at least 1 hectare

This page will signpost you to all recent or current major developments; and with other applications that have generated a high level of public interest.


Number of cases: 18

AddressPlanning Application NumberProposal 
Richmond Upon Thames Magistrates Court 7 Parkshot Richmond TW9 2RG Not Validated Variation of condition Number(s): U39629 (approved drawings) of planning permission 17/3528/FUL to amend the approved drawings list, to make minor alterations to the second floor, install a lightwell and install a new slab area over the existing ramp to basement level. View
Squires Garden Centre Sixth Cross Road Twickenham TW2 5PA 18/1067/FUL 1. Infill part of the existing plants canopy and extend further by 19.5sq m for an additional internal space of 134sq m. 2. Replace the existing fabric and steel cafe enclosure with a conservatory structure. View
172 - 176 Upper Richmond Road West East Sheen London SW14 8AW 18/0820/FUL Change of use to Class D2 (gymnasium) and associated external alterations to building. View
2 High Street Teddington TW11 8EW 18/0718/VRC Demolition of the existing office (B1a) building (395 sq.m) and the erection a part five / part six-storey mixed-use building comprisnig a ground floor office / commercial unit (300 sq.m) and 22 (11 x 1 and 11 x 2 bed) affordable 'shared ownership' apartments on the upper floors with 10 car parking provided at basement level including associated works. [Minor Material Amendment Application of 16/2647/FUL to allow: 1) Increase in PV panels provision 2) Change from provision of Green Roof to Brown roof 3) alterations to roof at Level 5 4) Alteratons to fenestration on all elevations including rmeoval of small openable panels 5) alterations to landscaping 6) New car park layout] View
The Stag Brewery Lower Richmond Road Mortlake London SW14 7ET 18/0547/FUL APPLICATION A: Hybrid application to include 1. The demolition of existing buildings and structures, except The Maltings and the fa├žade of the Bottling Plant and former Hotel; Site clearance and groundworks, to allow for the comprehensive phased redevelopment of the site: 2. Detailed application for works to the east side of Ship Lane which comprise: a. Alterations and extensions to existing buildings; erection of buildings (3 to 8 storeys) plus basements to allow for 443 residential apartments; Flexible use floorspace for various commercial uses, community and leisure; and hotel, cinema, gym and office floorspace b. New pedestrian, vehicle and cycle accesses and associated highway works c. Provision of on-site cycle, vehicle and service parking at surface and basement level d. Provision of public open space, amenity and play space and landscaping e. Flood defence and towpath works f. Installation of plant and energy centres 3. Outline application, with all matters reserved for works to the west of Ship Lane which comprise: a) Single storey basement and buildings varying in height from 3 to 7 storeys b) Residential development of up to 224 units c) Nursing and care home (up to 80 ensuite rooms) with associated facilities d) Up to 150 units of flexible use living accommodation for either assisted living or residential use e) New pedestrian, vehicle and cycle accesses and internal routes, and associated highway works f) Provision of on-site cycle, vehicle and service parking g) Provision of public open space, amenity and play space and landscaping. FOR FULL DESCRIPTION OF DEVELOPMENT, REFER TO ACCOMPANYING COVERING LETTER, WHICH CAN BE VIEWED ON THE APPLICATION FILE, ON OUR WEBSITE. View
Chalkers Corner Junction At Junction Of Lower Richmond Rd South Circ And Clifford Avenue Richmond 18/0549/FUL APPLICATION C: Reconfiguration of Chalkers Corner traffic junction, to include existing public highway and existing landscaped and informal parking area associated to Chertsey Court, to facilitate alterations to lane configuration, a new cycle lane, works to existing pedestrian and cycle crossing, soft landscaping and replacement boundary treatment to Chertsey Court. View
The Stag Brewery Lower Richmond Road Mortlake London SW14 7ET 18/0548/FUL APPLICATION B: The erection of a three storey building to provide a new secondary school with sixth form; Sports pitch with floodlighting, external MUGA and play space; and associated external works including, landscaping, car and cycle parking, new access routes and associated works. View
All Saints Parish Church The Avenue Hampton TW12 3RG 18/0315/FUL Demolition of the existing Church Hall and the bungalow at No 44 The Avenue and erection of four dwellings (3 x 4B7P, 1 x 3B5P) (Use Class C3 Dwelling Houses); a new entrance lobby (Narthex) to All Saints' Church and a new Church Hall (Use Class D1: Non-Residential institutions ) incorporating one x 2 bed flat (Use Class C3: Dwelling Houses) on first floor. Creation of new crossover and associated hard and soft landscaping, 12 no. off-street parking, cycle and refuse and recycling stores View
Former Imperial College Private Ground Udney Park Road Teddington TW11 9BB 18/0151/FUL Erection of a new extra-care community, with new public open space and improved sports facilities, comprising: 107 extra-care apartments (Class C2 Use), visitor suites, and associated car parking; 12 GP surgery (Class D1 use) and associated car parking; new public open space including a public park, and a community orchard; improved sports facilities (Class D2 use) comprising a 3G pitch, turf pitch, MUGA, playground, pavilion and community space, and associated parking (68 spaces); paddock for horses; and a new pedestrian crossing at Cromwell Road; and all other associated works. View
St Pauls School Lonsdale Road Barnes London SW13 9JT 17/4358/VRC Variation of approved conditions attached to Application Reference Number: 08/1760/EXT; Condition Number(s): U23124 NS03 (Formerly U21856) U23122 NS01 (Formerly condition U21854) U23129 NS08 (formerly U21863) U23130 NS09 (formerly U21864) U23142 NS21 (formerly U21878) U23123 NS02 (Formerly U21855) U23137 NS16 (formerly U21871) U23141 NS20 (formerly U21876) U23150 NS29 formerly U21886) U23148 NS27 Removal of approved conditions: (formerly U21884) U23149 NS28 (formerly U21885) U23119 Please refer to the Covering Letter and Planning Statement for full details. View
1, 1A, 1B And 1C King Street; 2-4 Water Lane; The Site Of The Remaining Former Swimming Pool Building At Corner Of Water Lane And The Embankment; And River Facing Parcel Of Land On The Embankment In Front Of Jubilee Gardens, Twickenham 17/4213/FUL Full planning application for the demolition and removal of all existing buildings and structures and redevelopment with a mixed use development of the site at 1, 1A, 1B and 1C King Street and 2/4 Water Lane; the site of the remaining former swimming pool buildings at the corner of Water Lane and The Embankment; and the river facing parcel of land on The Embankment in front of Diamond Jubilee Gardens. The development proposals comprise: Two 3-4 storey buildings with a partial lower ground floor and a raised walkway to link the two buildings; three seasonal units (201m2) at Lower Ground Floor level; 505m2 A3 floor space, 250m2 B1 floor space, 244m2 A1 floor space and 62m2 flexible commercial at ground floor level (either A1/A3/D1); 39 residential apartments at first, second and third floors (18 no. 1 bedroom, 19 no. 2 bedroom and 2 no. 3 bedroom, including six no. affordable homes) and raised roof terrace; new public square / areas of public realm throughout the site; a Lower Ground Floor car park with new vehicular access from The Embankment consisting of 23 car parking spaces and cycle storage; reconfiguration of street parking in the roads immediately adjacent to the Site and associated highway / footway works; amended pedestrian access and landscaping to the South of Diamond Jubilee Gardens; and amendment of service vehicle access to the service road at the rear of Diamond Jubilee Gardens. View
Teddington Studios Broom Road Teddington TW11 9BE 17/3914/VRC Variation of Conditions U30169 - Approved Drawings, U30195 - CHP Emission Levels & U30206 - Surface Water Drainage of Planning Permission 17/1286/VRC. View
84 - 90 High Street Whitton 17/3906/FUL Part demolition of first floor and erection of part 4 storey part 3 storey rear extension comprising roof extension to frontage building to facilitate the change of use of existing first floor from A1 (Retail) to C3 (residential) use; provision of additional 47.5sqm A1 (Retail) floorspace at ground floor level with 8 no. open market flats (2 x 1 bed and 6 x 2 bed) and 8 no. affordable housing units (3 x 1B2P and 5 x 2B4P) on upper floor levels with associated cycle and refuse stores, parking and exercise path at roof level. View
David Lloyd Hampton Golf Staines Road Twickenham TW2 5JD 17/3707/FUL Erection of a seasonal three-court air dome. View
Richmond Upon Thames College Egerton Road Twickenham TW2 7SJ 17/2332/RES Detailed Reserved Matters application including Appearance, Landscaping (In part), Layout (In part) and Scale for Phase 2a (in part) of the College Development Zone (in Part) including Building Zone 3 pursuant to Conditions U08027 and U08031 of Outline Planning Permission 15/3038/OUT dated 16.08.16 (Outline application for the demolition of existing college buildings, removal of hardsurfacing, site clearance and groundworks together with the redevelopment of the site to provide: 1) A new campus for education and enterprise purposes, comprising; Replacement College (Use Class D1) of up to 16,000sqm to accommodate up to 3,000 FTE day time students, as well as evening and weekend use; A Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) Centre (D1 Use Class) of up to 6,100sqm; 2) A new Secondary School (D1 Use Class) of up to 7,000 sqm for up to 750 students; 3) A new Special Educational Needs (SEN) School (D1 Use Class) of up to 4,000sqm for up to 115 students; 4) A new ancillary 'Technical Hub' for Haymarket Media (B1 Use Class) of up to 1,700sqm; 5) Replacement on-site sports centre (D2 Use Class) of up to 3,900sqm to serve both the college, schools and wider community; 6) The upgrading of existing Craneford Way playing fields for use by the college, schools and local community; 7) Alterations to existing means of access for vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists from the A316 involving the creation of a signalised junction, alterations to the A316 footbridge and minor realignment of Langhorn Drive, alterations of existing vehicular access points on Egerton Road as well as the upgrading of Marsh Farm Lane footpath; 8) Provision of on-site parking (non-residential) for up to 230 vehicles, open space and landscaping, and 9) A new residential development of up to 180 units together with associated parking for up to 190 vehicles, open space and landscaping). View
63 - 71 High Street Hampton Hill 16/4553/FUL Demolition of existing buildings on site and erection 2 buildings (two to four-storeys in height), set around outer and inner landscaped courtyards, comprising of 6 townhouses, 35 flats and two commercial units on the High Street frontage (110 sq.m GIA) and (118sq.m GIA) for use as A1(retail: non-food) and/or A1/A3 (coffee shop) and/or B1 (offices) and/or D1 (non-residential education and training centre) together with the formation of a basement to provide ancillary car parking (48 spaces), cycle storage, refuse storage rooms and plant rooms. 71 cycle spaces provided throughout the site. View
Somerville House 1 Rodney Road Twickenham 16/3506/FUL Demolition of the existing building and erection of 2 buildings at single-storey and three-stories to provide 24 affordable residential units (sheltered accommodation for older people of the minimum age of 55) with associated external amenities, communal lounge/dining space, refuse/storage, and manager and staff offices. View
4 - 6 Manor Road Teddington 16/2352/FUL Demolition of 6 Manor Road and erection of three storey building to create 12 additional two bedroom apartments, car parking spaces, bicycle storage, amenity space and related ancillary works. Erection of additional storey on 4 Manor Road for three two bedroom apartments and related ancillary works. View