Major developments

A major application is any of the following:

  • a residential development of 10 or more homes
  • a residential development on a site of at least 0.5 hectares
  • creation or change of use of a commercial development, where the floorspace is 1,000 square metres or more
  • a non-residential development on a site of at least 1 hectare

This page will signpost you to all recent or current major developments; and with other applications that have generated a high level of public interest.


Number of cases: 16

AddressPlanning Application NumberProposal 
Royal Botanic Gardens Kew Green Kew Richmond TW9 3AB 17/2871/FUL Installation of a temporary Christmas Village and Trail inside Kew Gardens. View
Inland Revenue Ruskin Avenue Kew 17/2573/VRC Application for a Variation of Condition U83300 - NS22 (Implement play facilities) of Planning Permission 14/1488/FUL to allow for play areas to be provided in accordance with the phased occupation strategy. View
Richmond Upon Thames College Egerton Road Twickenham TW2 7SJ 17/2332/RES Detailed Reserved Matters application including Appearance, Landscaping (In part), Layout (In part) and Scale for Phase 2a (in part) of the College Development Zone (in Part) including Building Zone 3 pursuant to Conditions U08027 and U08031 of Outline Planning Permission 15/3038/OUT dated 16.08.16 (Outline application for the demolition of existing college buildings, removal of hardsurfacing, site clearance and groundworks together with the redevelopment of the site to provide: 1) A new campus for education and enterprise purposes, comprising; Replacement College (Use Class D1) of up to 16,000sqm to accommodate up to 3,000 FTE day time students, as well as evening and weekend use; A Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) Centre (D1 Use Class) of up to 6,100sqm; 2) A new Secondary School (D1 Use Class) of up to 7,000 sqm for up to 750 students; 3) A new Special Educational Needs (SEN) School (D1 Use Class) of up to 4,000sqm for up to 115 students; 4) A new ancillary 'Technical Hub' for Haymarket Media (B1 Use Class) of up to 1,700sqm; 5) Replacement on-site sports centre (D2 Use Class) of up to 3,900sqm to serve both the college, schools and wider community; 6) The upgrading of existing Craneford Way playing fields for use by the college, schools and local community; 7) Alterations to existing means of access for vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists from the A316 involving the creation of a signalised junction, alterations to the A316 footbridge and minor realignment of Langhorn Drive, alterations of existing vehicular access points on Egerton Road as well as the upgrading of Marsh Farm Lane footpath; 8) Provision of on-site parking (non-residential) for up to 230 vehicles, open space and landscaping, and 9) A new residential development of up to 180 units together with associated parking for up to 190 vehicles, open space and landscaping). View
Teddington Studios Broom Road Teddington 17/1286/VRC Variation of approved drawing nos attached to 14/0914/FUL to allow for the development of Block B as two blocks and an increase in the overall number of units from 220 to 238 and minor changes to the riverside walkway. To allow changes to the internal layout and the riverside walkway as shown on the submitted drawings View
Marble Hill House Richmond Road Twickenham 17/1094/FUL 1. Marble Hill House: Minor internal alterations; repair to damp affected flat wall plaster, installation of a new platform lift. External decoration and repair work; repairs to windows, if a window is substantially rotten, partial or full replacement of joinery elements may be necessary. 2. Stable block: Single storey rear extension for use as a café, with associated mechanical plant; Internal and external alteration. 3. Landscaping: New soft and hard landscaping works, including restoration of gardens, upgrade of sport pitches; replacement of seating, play areas and storage facilities. 4. Boundary treatment, walls and fencing: Partial demolition in part, repairs and new. 5. Service yard: New service yard, access and associated storage facilities. 6. Sports centre: Internal refurbishment View
Lockcorp House 75 Norcutt Road Twickenham TW2 6SR 17/1033/FUL Demolition of Lockcorp House; erection of a part four, part five-storey building comprising 9 no. student cluster flats (49 study/bedrooms in total); three car parking spaces including one disabled space, ancillary cycle and refuse storage and landscaping. View
1 - 9 Sandycombe Road Richmond 16/4889/OUT Redevelopment of site to provide for a mixed use development of 535m2 of commercial space (B1 (a) (b) and (c) and B8 use) and 18 residential units, together with car parking and landscaping (OUTLINE APPLICATION - to consider access, landscaping, layout and scale) View
1 - 9 Sandycombe Road Richmond 16/4890/FUL Redevelopment of site to provide for a mixed use development of 535m2 of commercial space (B1 (a), (b) and (c) and B8 use) and 20 residential units, together with car parking and landscaping View
63 - 71 High Street Hampton Hill 16/4553/FUL Demolition of existing buildings on site and erection of a group of part three, part four storey buildings around outer and inner landscaped courts comprising 8 townhouses and 31 apartments and two non-residential units on the High Street frontage (102.5m2 GIA) and (131.5m2 GIA) for use as A1(retail: non-food) and/or A3 (cafe) and/or B1 (offices) and/or D1 (clinics / creche / non-residential education and training centre) together with the formation of a basement to provide ancillary car parking (45 spaces) cycle storage (65 spaces) refuse storage rooms and plant rooms. View
St Michaels Convent 56 Ham Common Ham Richmond TW10 7JH 16/3552/FUL Conversion and extension of the existing convent buildings (following demolition of some mid-20th century extensions), together with new build apartments and houses, to provide a total of 23 residential retirement units, an estate managers office and meeting rooms, parking and associated works within a landscaped site, with access via Ham Common (Revised Description). View
Somerville House 1 Rodney Road Twickenham 16/3506/FUL Complete demolition of the existing building and erection of 21 residential units with associated external amenities, library/community space, cafe, refuse/storage, concierge office, and bicycle storage. View
Land At 149 - 151 Heath Road Twickenham 16/3450/FUL Demolition of existing buildings and removal of advertising hoardings. Resiting of existing recycling bins. Erection of a part 3 storey part 4 storey building with commercial use (Flexible Use Class A1, A2 and/or B1a) on the ground floor with 10 flats (3 x 1 bed and 7 x 2 bed) on upper floors. Associated hard and soft landscaping, refuse, car and cycle parking. View
Ryde House 391 Richmond Road Twickenham TW1 2EF 16/2777/FUL Demolition of existing building. Construction of a new mixed use development comprising a food store (1,123m2 sales area) and primary school with associated car parking (55 spaces allocated to foodstore and 1 space allocated to school); alterations to site entrance, landscaping, and associated works. View
2 High Street Teddington TW11 8EW 16/2647/FUL Demolition of the existing office (B1a) building (395 sq.m) and the erection a part six / five-storey mixed-use building with a ground floor office / commercial unit (300 sq.m) and 22 (11 x 1 and 11 x 2 bed) affordable 'shared ownership' apartments above with 10 car parking provided at basement level including associated works. View
4 - 6 Manor Road Teddington 16/2352/FUL Demolition of 6 Manor Road and erection of three storey building to create 12 additional two bedroom apartments, car parking spaces, bicycle storage, amenity space and related ancillary works. Erection of additional storey on 4 Manor Road for three two bedroom apartments and related ancillary works. View
Police Station 60 - 68 Station Road Hampton 16/0606/FUL Retention of former police station building with partial demolition of the rear wings of the police station and demolition of the rear garages and the construction of 28 residential units (4 x 1 bedroom, 12 x 2 bedroom, 10 x 3 bedroom and 2 x 4 bedroom) and associated access, servicing, cycle parking and landscaping (The proposal has been amended to include setting back the top floor away from the eastern boundary of the site; roof design on Plots 24 to 28 amended; and amendments to unit mix). View