Planning application number: 21/2758/FUL

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1-1C King Street, 2-4 Water Lane, The Embankment And River Wall, Water Lane, Wharf Lane And The Diamond Jubilee Gardens, Twickenham (View Site Plan)



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Latest: Assessment stage

Decision due: 25/11/2021

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Demolition of existing buildings and structures and redevelopment of the site comprising 45 residential units (Use Class C3), ground floor commercial/retail/cafe (Use Class E), public house (Sui Generis), boathouse locker storage, floating pontoon and floating ecosystems with associated landscaping, reprovision of Diamond Jubilee Gardens, alterations to highway layout and parking provision and other relevant works.


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Mr Jodane Walters, Savills 33 Margarets Street London W1G 0JD


Lucy Thatcher

Site plan

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The case officer will be assessing the entire case in detail as well as reviewing comments submitted.

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  • Application Received: 04/08/2021
  • Validated: 26/08/2021
  • Neighbour notification started: 27/08/2021
  • Neighbour notification ended: 24/09/2021

Documents and images

Public comments

DescriptionReferenceDate Published
Demolition plan TRS-HAL-ZZ-00-DR-A-2050-C0126 Aug 2021
drawings register  26 Aug 2021
existing elevations (old lido and cafe sunshine) TRS-HAL-ZZ-ZZ-DR-A-2351-C0126 Aug 2021
existing elevations king street buildings TRS-HAL-ZZ-ZZ-DR-A-2350-C0126 Aug 2021
existing site basement plan TRS-HAL-ZZ-B1-DR-A-2099-C0226 Aug 2021
existing site first floor plan TRS-HAL-ZZ-01-DR-A-2101-C0226 Aug 2021
existing site ground floor plan TRS-HAL-ZZ-00-DR-A-2100-C0226 Aug 2021
existing site plan  26 Aug 2021
existing site section (water lane and embankment) TRS-HAL-ZZ-ZZ-DR-A-2301-C0226 Aug 2021
existing site section (wharf lane and DJGs) TRS-HAL-ZZ-ZZ-DR-A-2300-C0226 Aug 2021
proposed site first floor plan TRS-HAL-ZZ-01-DR-A-2501-C0226 Aug 2021
proposed site fourth floor plan TRS-HAL-ZZ-04-DR-A-2504-C0226 Aug 2021
proposed site ground floor plan TRS-HAL-ZZ-00-DR-A-2500-C0226 Aug 2021
proposed site lower ground floor plan TRS-HAL-ZZ-B1-DR-A-2499-C0226 Aug 2021
proposed site second floor plan TRS-HAL-ZZ-02-DR-A-2502-C0226 Aug 2021
proposed site section (water lane and embankment) TRS-HAL-ZZ-ZZ-DR-A-2601-C0226 Aug 2021
proposed site section (wharf lane and DJGs) TRS-HAL-ZZ-ZZ-DR-A-2600-C0226 Aug 2021
proposed site third floor plan TRS-HAL-ZZ-03-DR-A-2503-C0226 Aug 2021
site wide proposed roof plan TRS-HAL-ZZ--05-DR-A-2505-C0126 Aug 2021
water lane east and west elevations TRS-HAL-02-ZZ-DR-A-2661-C0126 Aug 2021
water lane first floor TRS-HAL-02-01-DR-A-2561-C0226 Aug 2021
water lane ground floor TRS-HAL-02-00-DR-A-2560-C0226 Aug 2021
water lane north and south elevations TRS-HAL-02-ZZ-DR-A-2660-C0126 Aug 2021
water lane overlay with existing TRS-HAL-02-ZZ-DR-A-2605-C0126 Aug 2021
water lane roof plans TRS-HAL-02-04-DR-A-2564-C0126 Aug 2021
water lane second floor TRS-HAL-02-02-DR-A-2562-C0226 Aug 2021
water lane third floor TRS-HAL-02-03-DR-A-2563-C0226 Aug 2021
water lane typical bay TRS-HAL-02-ZZ-DR-A-2695-C0126 Aug 2021
Wharf lane east and west elevations TRS-HAL-01-ZZ-DR-A-2651-C0126 Aug 2021
Wharf lane first floor TRS-HAL-01-01-DR-A-2551-C0226 Aug 2021
Wharf lane fourth floor TRS-HAL-01-04-DR-A-2554-C0226 Aug 2021
Wharf lane ground floor TRS-HAL-01-00-DR-A-2550-C0226 Aug 2021
Wharf lane large scale elevation TRS-HAL-01-ZZ-DR-A-2690-C0126 Aug 2021
Wharf lane lower ground floor TRS-HAL-01-B1-DR-A-2549-C0226 Aug 2021
Wharf lane north and south elevations TRS-HAL-01-ZZ-DR-A-2650-C0126 Aug 2021
Wharf lane roof TRS-HAL-01-05-DR-A-2555-C0126 Aug 2021
Wharf lane second floor TRS-HAL-01-02-DR-A-2552-C0226 Aug 2021
Wharf lane section TRS-HAL-01-ZZ-DR-A-2604-C0126 Aug 2021
Wharf lane third floor TRS-HAL-01-03-DR-A-2553-C0226 Aug 2021
Wharf lanelarge scale roof detail TRS-HAL-01-ZZ-DR-A-2691-C0126 Aug 2021