Planning application number: 16/3434/FUL

Hampton Swimming Baths High Street Hampton TW12 2ST (View on map)

Status: In Progress

Latest: Assessment stage

Decision due: 21/10/2016

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Proposal The refurbishment of the existing facilities and car park along with the extension of the main building to the west and provision of a new roof to extend the existing cafe. The works involve the demolition of a wall, plant room and a single bay and first floor structure.
Type Full Application
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Agent Mr Will Wimshurst
The Mews 6 Putney Common Putney SW15 1HL
Officer Mr Daniel Allen


The case officer will be assessing the entire case in detail as well as reviewing comments submitted.

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Application Received 26/08/2016
Validated 26/08/2016
Neighbour notification started 25/01/2017
Neighbour notification ended 08/02/2017

Documents and images

Public comments

DescriptionReferenceDate Published
Acoustic Report Planning  26 Aug 2016
Daylight and Sunlight Report  26 Aug 2016
Demolition Drawings Ground Floor plan First Floor Plan WP-0360-PL-0081-P-X_ P126 Aug 2016
Design, Access & Heritage Statement Part 2  26 Aug 2016
Design, Access & Heritage Statement Part 3  26 Aug 2016
Design, Access & Heritage Statement Part 4  26 Aug 2016
Design, Access & Heritage Statement Part 5  26 Aug 2016
Design, Access & Heritage Statement Part 6  26 Aug 2016
Design, Access & Heritage Statement Part 7  26 Aug 2016
Ecological Appraisal  26 Aug 2016
Existing Block Plan WP-0360-PL-0011-P P126 Aug 2016
Existing Elevations West & North WP-0360-PL-0072-E-W&N26 Aug 2016
Existing First Floor Plan P126 Aug 2016
Existing Ground Floor Plan WP-0360-PL-0051-P-L0 P126 Aug 2016
Existing Roof Plan WP-0360-PL-0053-P-RF P126 Aug 2016
Existing Section AA and BB WP-0360-PL-0061-S-AA&BB P126 Aug 2016
Existing Sections C-C & D-D WP-0360-PL-0062-S-CC-DD P126 Aug 2016
Existing Sections E-E and F-F WP-0360-PL-0063-S-EE-FF26 Aug 2016
Existing Site Plan WP-0360-PL-0031-P P126 Aug 2016
Flood risk Assessment  26 Aug 2016
Planning Sustainability Statement A  26 Aug 2016
Proposed Bin store Plan and Elevation WP-0360-PL-0403-X26 Aug 2016
Proposed Block Plan WP-0360-PL-0012-P P126 Aug 2016
Proposed Elevations East and South WP-0360-PL-0201-E-E&S P126 Aug 2016
Proposed Elevations West and North WP-0360-PL-0202-E-W&N P126 Aug 2016
Proposed Elevctrical Substation and Chemical Store Plan and Elevations WP-0360-PL-0401-X- P126 Aug 2016
Proposed Entrance Gate Plan and elevation WP-0360-PL-0402-X P126 Aug 2016
Proposed First Floor plan WP-0360-PL-0102-P-L1 P126 Aug 2016
Proposed Ground Floor Plan WP-0360-PL-0101-P-L0 P126 Aug 2016
Proposed Redevelopment  26 Aug 2016
Proposed Roof Plan WP-0360-PL-0103-P-RF P126 Aug 2016
Proposed Sections A-A, B-B, C-C WP-0360-PL-0301-S-ABC P126 Aug 2016
Proposed Sections D-D and E-E WP-0360-PL-0302-S-DE P126 Aug 2016
Proposed site Plan WP-0360-PL-0032-P P126 Aug 2016
Site Location Plan Existing WP-0360-PL-0001-P-SITE P126 Aug 2016
Site Survey Plan WP-0360-PL-0021-P P126 Aug 2016
Sustainability Construction Checklist  26 Aug 2016
Travel Plan  26 Aug 2016
Tree Survey Report A  26 Aug 2016
WP-0360-PL-0071-E-E&S P1 WP-0360-PL-0071-E-E&S P126 Aug 2016